Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Album of the Week

I think this should come as to no surprise that I chose the new Felix Marc album Alternative Facts for my Album of the Week. I am more familiar with Felix's work with Frozen Plasma than Diorama (who I should really check out). I have been listening to his new solo album every day since last Friday. The album has been really addictive to me just as much as Borders by NamNamBulu.  The album has such great hooks and beats. The production value is excellent. I have to admit "Still Turn Me On" and "Fine Line" are the only two songs that took a little longer to grow on me. Considering the previous songs that came before them (which I absolutely adore), I suppose there was a need to turn things down a notch or two and change things up on the vocals. "Fine Line" itself as a song is good but I am rather meh on Boris May's contributions to the song. Personally I am not a fan of the rap/shouting style. I found his vocals distracting but I didn't think his vocals were terrible. Those two songs were the only two that I had any issues with but overall Alternative Facts is solid synthpop album. I have also started listening to Felix's other solo albums which I am liking so far. I definitely plan on checking out Diorama's albums this week at while at work.

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