Thursday, July 20, 2017

Current favorite artists/bands

Here are this month's crop of my current favorite artists/bands. I don't think I need to explain Felix Marc or Mono Inc. since I have pretty much talked about them on previous blog posts. If you haven't heard their music especially their latest album, they are definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to a friend of mine on FB, I discovered the joyous sounds of Golden Gardens, this terrific dreampop/shoegaze/goth band from the Seattle, WA. I put together a playlist of their music and have been listening to it for most of this week.

I finally got around this week to check out the new Nordika album. I was certainly not disappointed. It is a really good synthpop album.

Earlier this week I came across Echo Image on youtube. I don't know why I never heard of them but I really like what I have heard. Makes me think of the days of when A Different Drum Records was still around putting really great synthpop albums. Miss that label.

Felix Marc

Mono Inc.

Echo Image


Golden Gardens

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