Sunday, July 23, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Yesterday I made a trip to the Electric Fetus for a little retail therapy. I have very successful trip to the record store. It was a soundtrack sort of day for me. I bought the soundtracks to Wonder Woman, Trainspotting (1996 film), and Crouching Tiger,  Hidden Dragon. Years ago I used to have the Trainspotting soundtrack but sold it for cash. I have been missing it for awhile and Spotify doesn't have the actual soundtrack on its website and for $2.99, I couldn't resist and grabbed it from the used cd bins. I also have been missing the Tan Dun's film score to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Movie was only okay but I absolutely love the music.

After falling in love with the Felix Marc new album Alternative Facts, I started listening to his other solo albums Pathways and Parallel Worlds this past week. They are pretty good but right now Alternative Facts is my favorite of the three albums. Nevertheless Felix's other two albums have some great synthpop songs such as the beautiful ballad "Sweet Dancer" off Pathways and "Parallel Worlds" from the album it shares its same namesake.

I am really digging the new Nordika album Ecstasy. Nordika reminds me so much of the synthpop band Carved Souls. My only gripe is that the music tends to sound the same. At least with Felix Marc's new album he tries to change up the sound. Also enjoying the soundtrack to War of the Planet of the Apes.



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