Saturday, July 15, 2017

Albums and playlist I am currently listening to

I think this week's worth of music I have been listening to is interesting between some Bonnie Tyler and a lot of synthpop. Been listening to some old faves by the likes of Autumn, KMFDM, and The Azoic. One can never go wrong with The Hating  Tree, Nihil, and Forward.

I recently found out about the new Felix Marc (of Frozen Plasma fame) album Alternative Facts just a couple of days ago. It is so good. I didn't realize Felix was a solo artist until now. Today I have been listening to his other two solo albums. I really like what I am hearing from Felix as a solo artist. I certainly recommend listening to Felix's solo albums. If you like Frozen Plasma, you really can not go wrong with his solo albums. Personally his latest album I would checkout first but that is just my opinion.

Next to Alternative Facts, I have been listening a lot to Together Till the End by the German goth band Mono Inc.. I found Mono Inc. on youtube when I saw their video for "Boatman" featuring Ronan Harris of VNV Nation. The music is definitely not what I normally listen to or have heard before but I love this album. I hope to get around to listening to their other albums sometime this weekend.

Another good synthpop album I am going to recommend is the new Nordika album Ecstasy. I have only listened to it a couple of times but it is wonderful. I personally think it is better than their first album (which I enjoy listening to).

I know it is totally un-goth of me but I can't help but like Bonnie Tyler. I love her voice and her music especially her greatest hits that I grew up on as a child.

This past week I have been editing all four of my Random Mixes. That has been my little pet project for me. I need to keep the music fresh on my Random Mixes so I don't get bored at work.



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