Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Earworm of the week

Ever since I have picked up David Gray's greatest hits cd from the library a few weeks ago, I have this song stuck in my head. It had been years since I last heard "The One I Love" . Hearing it for the first time in several years, it did not take me very long to fall back in love with the song. The song is so ridiculously melodic. It really is hard not to get this song stuck in one's head.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Some musical recommendations

Today after work a friend of mine emailed me about Ashbury Heights (he really dug their most recent album) and asked which AH album he should check out next, I told him Three Cheers for the Newlydead (their first album which I bought when it first came out). This got me thinking I should post some albums that I think are worth listening to for anyone looking for new music to add to their collection or to stream. Not all of the albums/EPs I have mentioned here will be new releases. I think there are some older albums that I absolutely adore and think they should be heard.

I actually had some local music to recommend. After all this blog isn't called the Twin Cities Underground for nothing ;). Although Autumn (US band) and Astronomique each have new singles out, I think the best place to start is with my favorite releases from the bands The Hating Tree and Burning Stars Fade EP.  Their new singles "The Fall" and "Mimic Form" are great no doubt about that but the music on The Hating Tree and Burning Stars Fade just has that special something that makes me want to listen to them every damn day. After not listening to The Hating Tree all summer (because I have been obsessed with the new NamNamBulu and Felix Marc albums), I am now back listening to what I consider one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time and cranking it up on my portable stereo in my condo. The music sounds so good at a fairly loud volume and while I am doing some housecleaning or trolling social media. I own a physical copy of the album and I don't say this about any CD I own that goes back 20 years but the production value of it is so stellar and timeless. The music does not dated at all.

As of now I am listening to the new Finesse release Unbroken Memory. If you love '80s music, you will love this local new wave/post punk band. The duo will be opening for Book of Love on 12/2 at 7th St Entry. I am super psyched about going to that show. The music on Unbroken Memory is so good. I hope to pick up a copy at the show a week from this Saturday.

Of course I had to include Three Cheers for the Newlydead on this list. This is my favorite synthpop in the '00s, if not my very favorite Ashbury Heights album. I think I discovered them on Myspace when I still was using that website and fell in love with their music right away. AH has gone through a few line up changes, their music is consistently good.

One of the few new albums I have included on this list is the debut album by the Singapore band Cosmic Armchair.  I have been a fan for 3-4 years (maybe even longer). I found them via youtube and have been waiting for their debut album to be released which happened last week. The wait was absolutely worth it. There is a good mix of '90s electronic music, synthpop and trance with solid hooks and beats.

As for the rest of the albums, please do check them out as well. They are just as good as the albums I have discussed here. I am super excited that The Bellwether Syndicate is currently working on new music. They are one of my favorite bands in the past few years along with SPC ECO.

Local music:


Monday, November 20, 2017

Playlist of the week

I created this playlist a few weeks ago for me to listen to at work because I was really in a shitty mood no thanks to a super shitty human being I work with. It is a mix of my favorite metal songs from all sub-genres like symphonic metal and industrial metal. I also couldn't resist and throw in some cheesy hair metal into the mix to lighten up the mood.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This week at work I listened mostly to my playlists but I did manage to get in some albums that needed to be heard. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to listen to the new Evanescence album but I will eventually. Hopefully tomorrow I will. I did though get to listen to the new Amberian Dawn album. This is my first time hearing music by the band. I liked what heard. I listened to the album again this morning. The music has started growing on me with every listen. I have tried to listen to the new Primitive Race album but I just couldn't get into their music. Not my cup of tea unfortunately. Voltaire has a new album out called Heart-Shaped Wound. I need to listen to it a few more times but at the moment I just am not feeling it.

This weekend I am on an Autumn kick. Yesterday I listened to The Hating Tree twice and today Return to the Breath. Both albums have really stood the test of time right now. I can't believe it has been 20 years since The Hating Tree came out. This version has two tracks not included on the original version. I ended up buying the 20th Anniversary edition of the album on bandcamp. Right now I am listening to the new single "The Fall". The second song on the EP "Before and After" is a gorgeous ballad. That remix of "The Fall" by William Faith is really something else.

One of my favorite synthpop acts Cosmic Armchair recently and finally released their debut album Contact. I have been waiting for this album for the past couple of years. I discovered Cosmic Armchair somewhere on the internet. I forgot how ;). I have listened to the album a couple of times. It is a great album. Go check them out!

Another great album I love is Tarja's winter album From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas). I will let her music speak for itself. I love hearing Tarja sing within the classical genre. Not that I don't love her work in the metal world but she is amazing when she is singing classical.




Friday, November 17, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

I really wasn't sure if I was going to post my latest mix tonight since I went to see the Justice League but in the end I decided to do it. I have included quite a bit of new music.

Tarja's new winter album From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) just came out today. I got to listen to it today after work and I enjoyed it immensely. Another album that was released today was Cosmic Armchair's debut album Contact. I have been waiting for this album to come out for some time. I discovered them online like 3-4 years ago. Definitely well worth the wait.  I have included a track from both albums.

I almost forgot that Amberian Dawn and Aurelio Voltaire have new albums out so I listened to those albums this week along with the new albums by and Primitive Race. I will be brutally honest, I was not particularly keen on the Primitive Race album. I need a bit more time on the MIB album but I do particularly enjoy the song "Coming Down". I am though digging the new Amberian Dawn album a lot.

I am thoroughly enjoying the self-titled album by The Dark Element, the new band that features ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. There are a lot of great songs on the album but the last track on the album "Only One Who Knows Me" is my personal fave.

I know I included "Mimi Forms" from Astronomique on last week's playlist but I have been listening to it on a daily basis (just like Autumn's "The Fall" EP). It is a great song. Glad to see the band come out with some new tunes before the year's end.

Threw a few oldies but goodies on the playlist like "Mysterious Times" by Sash! featuring Tina Cousins on vocals, "Steep" by Lauren Christy, "The Cruelest Year" by Assemblage 23 (I think if there is one song that would sum up 2017 for me it is this song), "Even Now" by Autumn, "Roselake" by Elane, and "Star of the Sea' by Mediaeval Baebes.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Earworm of the week

I must admit what I have to say tonight is pretty damn funny. I woke up early this morning on my day off around 4-5 am (which I eventually went back to sleep). And the first thing that popped in my head when I woke up? "Even Now" by Autumn. I kid you not this song started playing in my head. I don't know how this song got into my head but it did this morning and it stayed in my head all day. "Even Now" is my favorite ballad off the band's excellent debut album The Hating Tree (20th Anniversary Edition) as well as one of my favorite songs by the band.

Funny thing is that this past week I have spent listening mostly to new music by Amberian Dawn, The Dark Element, Voltaire, Astronomique, Hydrah, Grendel, iVardensphere,, Diary of Dreams, and Primitive Race, obviously not a lot of Autumn except on my Random Mix playlists (although today I listened to The Hating Tree twice).

Having been in a shitty, melancholic mood lately, I think the song resonates with me so well is because of the lyrical content. The song is so somber and dark which my state of mind has been in for the past few months since losing my father back in late July.

"and in the morning
after years had passed
it seems
oh even now to overwhelm me
and in the stillness
after life has passed..."

The music is absolutely stunning. I will let the youtube clip speak for itself. I hope people will see why I love this song so much (as well as the band).

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Album of the week

In the past few days, I really had a difficult time trying to figure out what album I was going to post for my album of the week blog entry. It was a toss up between the new albums by Amberian Dawn, The Dark Element, Grendel, and the 20th anniversary edition of The Hating Tree by my favorite band Autumn. Ultimately in the end I ended up with the self-titled album by The Dark Element. I have been listening to it every day since it dropped last Friday.

The Dark Element is features former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon and former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen, rounding out with Jonas Kuhlberg on bass and Jani Hurula on drums. I have been excited about this new project since it was unveiled over social media months ago. I thought releasing four songs prior to the album's release was very smart and to attract people's attention. The band unleashed four tracks prior to the release which made me all the more excited.
I was very happy to see Anette back doing what her voice was best suited for...symphonic metal.

Over the last few years I have come to appreciate Anette's work in Nightwish but to be honest I thought she needed to be in a band whose music really complimented her style of singing. Tuomas' music is more geared to classically trained singers but that is my opinion. I think Anette found the band she deserved to be in with The Dark Element. The results is wonderful. Anette's vocals really shine on The Dark Element. The rest of the band is as talented as their lead singer. I really enjoyed Jani's guitar solo on the ballad "Heaven of Your Heart".

I won't lie, the album is not completely flawless. I think some tweaks will be needed here and there on the music and lyrics for the next album. There were a couple of tracks that fell flat to this music fan because the melodies didn't really grab me by my ears like "Here's to You", "Someone You Used to Know", and "Only One Who Knows Me" .  Despite the minor flaws, the music overall has great melodic hooks and the musicianship is top notch. I look forward to hearing more from The Dark Element and hope for a long, prosperous career for the band.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Playlist of the week

So tonight on a whim, I started editing all of my Random Mix playlists but mostly my Random Mix IV. I transferred a few songs from my first RM playlist to my fourth mix (i.e Autumn's "Desert Winds of Jezebel" and "Red"). While the playlist does not stick to one particular genre, I have added quite a bit of synthpop into the mix like Colony 5, Kitten,  CHROM, Daybehaviour, Astronomique, and Moonlight Cove. I love these Random Mixes I put together. They make my work day so much more bearable.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

The weekend has once again come and gone. Every now and then I don't have much difficulty trying to figure out what I listen to at work for the week. This week is one of those rare moments. I think I got a fairly good mix of new and old music to listen to or should listen to at work this week. I definitely need to listen to the new albums by Primitive Race, Noir, and this week.

After hearing the new Astronomique single "Mimic Forms", I decided I needed to reintroduce myself to the band's other music.

Last night, I saw on bandcamp that the band Autumn has a 20th anniversary version of The Hating Tree. This album features a different version of "Seconds" and unreleased track called "Suffer the Dogs". Needless to say I bought the digital album.

Astronomique: Astronomique

Astronomique: Burning Stars Fade

Autumn: The Hating Tree (20th Anniversary edition)

Autumn: Return to the Breath

The Bellwether Syndicate: The Night Watch EP

The Break Up: Synthesis

Buddha Bar Meets French Kitchen

Chvrches: Every Open Eye

Client: Authority

Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker

Covenant: Leaving Babylon

Curve: Doppelganger

Curve: Cuckoo

The Dark Element: The Dark Element

Depeche Mode: Spirit

Diary of Dreams: Hell in Eden

Evanescence: Synthesis

Frozen Plasma; Dekandenz

Grendel: Age of the Disposable Body

Hanzel und Gretyl: 2012 Zwanzig Zwolf

iVardensphere: Hesitation

Lights: Skin and Earth

Midnattsol: Where Twilight Dwells Broken Legacies

Noir: Reburning

Primitive Race: Soul Pretender

PVRIS: All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

Sisters of Mercy: First and Last and Always

Sleeping Romance: Alba

Visions of Atlantis: Ethera

SPC ECO Playlist

Metal Playlist

Gothic rock/darkwave playlist

My favorite songs of 2017

Random Mix

Random Mix II

Graveyard Club Playlist

My Favorite Loreena McKennitt Songs

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Albums, singles, and playlists I am currently listening to

I made a slight change to this weekly blog entry, I added singles since I have been coming across some new singles lately.  I figured I might as well give singles its own category. I will only add singles if I hear some new tracks so the category may not be in every weekly post.

Hydrah has a new single out which dropped this week called "World is Mine". I have to hear a song from Hydrah that I did not like. I am looking forward to Hydrah's new EP when it drops. Her music is consistently good.

Loreena Mckennitt has a new song out called "Breaking out the Sword". All I can say is Loreena can sing the phone book and I would still get giddy over hearing her beautiful voice. Loreena can do no wrong in my eyes as a long time fan.

Local synthpop band Astronomique also released a new single this week called "Mimic Forms". I am really enjoying their new single. They kinda reminds me a bit of another local band Graveyard Club. The single is super catchy. The b-side "23rd Century" is very good and also worth listening to. I have been a fan of Astronomique for some time now. You can hear their other music on their bandcamp  page (

Although it is a month old I absolutely adore Tarja's version of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". I love that she is going back to her classical roots. Her voice is so well suited for classical music.

Asides from fact that 2017 has been an utter shit show for me, I have to admit it has been a very good year for music. I have heard a ton of interesting new and old music. Of all the albums that I have heard this year, there is just a handful that has really resonated with me and I just listen to on a regular basis and without skipping any songs. One of those albums is The Hating Tree by Autumn (you can buy their music at their bandcamp page I was listening to the album today on my afternoon walk and for an album that is 20 years old, it does not sound that it had been released in 1997. The album is one of those few albums that I have bought this year that can bring me out of the proverbial rabbit hole I have been in for the past several months. With a lot of albums, there is always a song or more I cringe and have to skip but not with The Hating tree. All the songs are fantastic. Hands down this is my absolute favorite darkwave album as well as one of my top 10 personal favorite albums of all time.  And yes, I am still listening to their new single "The Fall" every damn day. That remix by William Faith is just so good. He gives the band a completely new sound.

The Dark Element (Anette Olzon's new band) finally released their new album yesterday. I am really enjoying it a lot. The ballads are particularly good but as a whole I love the album. The Dark Element shows a lot of promise and I look forward to hearing more music from this talented band.

Having taken yesterday off from work, I have been listening a lot to CHROM, their 2nd and 3rd albums. I feel bad for neglecting my favorite EBM/Futurepop band. I love Synthetic Movement but I think Peak and Decay is stronger effort. There were some tracks on Synthetic Movement that didn't float my boat but on Peak and Decay I can listen to the album in its entirety from the beginning to the end.

This week at work I have been listening to the new Butcher Babies album Lilith. It isn't a bad album per say but I feel like the band sounds better live than on record. That is the impression I get when I listen to their music on Spotify (that their energy translates better live than recorded). I would love to see the band live one day. I really do enjoy the dual vocals by Heidi Shepard and Carla Harvey. I don't see that in any metal band in any sub-genre in the metal scene. That said Lilith is a solid metal album and certainly worth checking out.

I need to listen to the new albums by iVardensphere and Diary of Dreams a few more times before I can give a solid opinion on the albums. I also need to listen to the new albums by Noir and too. The new Grendel album Age of the Disposable Body is excellent.  I will say that for fans of the band's previous albums you might be disappointed in it because the lack of harsh, distorted vocals.




Friday, November 10, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

I have quite a bit of new tunes on this week's playlist. I discovered a lot of new releases from the likes of Grendel, iVardensphere, Inertia, and Diary of Dreams so I have. songs from each of those acts on my playlist. The new Grendel album is fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I love harsh EBM but I love the direction that Grendel took on the new album by changing the vocals. I have only heard the new iVardensphere album Hesitation once but I do like what I have heard so far. The album has a good mix of tracks that have vocals or are strictly instrumentals. Same can be said about the new Diary of Dreams album too. I need to listen to both the iVardensphere and Diary of Dreams albums more often before I can give a thorough opinion.

 I haven't listened to the new albums by Primitive Race and Noir who also released new music recently but I hope to in the coming days so I can include their music on my playlist.

The new album by The Dark Element which features former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon came out today. Just from one listen to the band's self-titled debut, I can honestly say the music is very good. I wish nothing but success for the band and Anette. I loved Anette's solo album Shine and was really bummed when it didn't sell very well. I have included one of my personal favorite tracks from the new The Dark Element album "Someone You Used to Know".

Local synthpop band Astronomique has a new single out "Mimic Forms". I have listened to it a few times today. I really like what I heard so of course I have included the song on this week's playlist.

The rest of this week's playlist includes some favorite songs that are a year older or more  like "Delusional Waste" by SPC ECO, "My Masquerade" by Delain, "New Sad Ones" by Moonlight Cove, and "For My Lorraine" by Blume.  I wish Moonlight Cove would put out a new album one day. I love their music. In the meantime I have been listening to Peak and Decay by CHROM a lot lately. It doesn't get enough play from me. "Staring at the Sun" is one of my personal favorite songs off the underrated album from 2016.

Earlier this week I heard a really interesting cover of the Pink Floyd classic "Comfortably Numb" by singer/songwriter Dar Williams. It is really different but I like, not sure if other people would. I think this is a love or hate it sort of song.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New music

This week I discovered a slew of new releases, I thought I would share with my readers the albums that recently came out. I just started listening to the new albums by Grendel and iVardensphere. I am particularly fond of the new Grendel album. I like the change in vocals, not that I don't dig harsh ebm but I rather find this new sound particularly appealing. Not long this afternoon, I was reminded by a friend that Diary of Dreams has a new album out as well. Gotta listen to that this weekend.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Earworm of the week

Today at work I was listening to one of my Random Mixes. It didn't take very long for one of the songs on my playlist to get stuck in my head for the rest of the day. It is Roxette's "Dangerous", hands down my favorite song by the Swedish pop/rock band. After all these years, this song still sounds good and still love listening to it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Album of the week

I am sure my readers will be surprised by this week's pick David Gray's Best of collection. I can't help it. I have been listening to the compilation since I picked it up from the library last weekend. It is weird though I really wasn't a big fan of David Gray back in the late '90s although I liked a couple of songs off White Ladder. Over a decade later, I was surprised to find myself enjoying his music immensely and without any embarrassment. I have been in such a shit mood lately for various reasons I won't get into but The Best of David Gray seems to do some good for me. I almost forgot how much I love the song "The One I Love" which I find myself listening to a lot this week. The song has really great pop hooks that sticks in my head for hours on end. I also find myself enjoying songs that I once found to be annoyed with because they got played to death on the radio like "Sail Away" and "Please Forgive Me". I thought the songs I hadn't heard before like David's duet with LeAnn Rimes "Snow in Vegas" were excellent too.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Playlist of the week

Yesterday I was listening to some SPC ECO on Spotify. It had been awhile since I listened to their music and was in the mood to hear their stuff. In the process of listening to their music,  I decided to create a playlist of their music but it got to be too time consuming to pick which songs that should go on my playlist so I just threw all their albums together on one playlist. I hit the random button to shake things up a bit and to make the listening experience a bit more interesting (I do that with all my playlists).

If you are wondering who SPC ECO is, you can read their bio at this link ( I discovered SPC ECO a couple of years ago on Facebook.  I listened to their album Dark Matter on their bandcamp page ( and became a fan right away. There certainly is elements of Curve in SPC ECO's music especially on their latest album Calm . "Zombie" off Sirens and Satellites sounds like it would have fit nicely on Doppelganger or any of Curve's EPs. Dean's jingly guitar riffs hearkens back to his days in Curve to this Curve fan. I would think it would be extremely difficult to shake off that comparison however SPC ECO has their own sound. They can go from the familiar dreampop/shoegaze sound that Dean Garcia was so well know for in his former band but then shift into laid back downtempo/electropop which I absolutely adore especially on songs like "Ray of Sun" and "Under My Skin" (my current favorite SPC ECO song). Please do check out SPC ECO. Their music is too good to ignore.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

Note to self: need to listen to the new Grendel and iVardensphere albums at work which dropped last week, not to mention the latest album by LIGHTS which came out  not long ago (I think last month).

Although I took Friday off this coming week, I made sure I had some really good music to listen to this week to make the day/week go by quickly.

This weekend I have been listening to some SPC ECO on Spotify. Their music is so damn good. I ended up creating a playlist with all their albums.

Ryan Adams: 1989

Atomic Blonde soundtrack

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Autumn: Return to the Breath

Ayria: Paper Dolls

Battle Beast: Bringer of Pain

Bleached: Can You Deal?

Bleached: Ride Your Heart

Bleached: Welcome the Worms

CHROM: Synthetic Movement

CHROM: Peak and Decay

Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker

Covenant: The Blinding Dark

Faith and the Muse: The Burning Season

Fatima Al Qadiri: Asiatisch

Felix Marc: Alternative Facts

Gary Numan: Savage (Songs From a Broken World)

Grendel: Age of the Disposable Body

In This Moment: The Dream

iVardensphere: Hesitation

LIGHTS: Skin and Earth

Mark Mothersbaugh: THOR: Ragnarok

Mono Inc.: Together til the end

Omega Lithium: Dreams in Formaline

P!nk: Beautiful Trauma

Sapphire Solace: Waiting to Breathe

Sleeping Romance: Alba

Tamaryn: Cranekiss

Tarja: Beauty and The Beat

Tegan and Sara: Love You to Death

SPC ECO Playlist

Metal Playlist

I Love the '80s

I Love the '80s II

Random Mix

Random Mix II

Electropop Playlist

'90s/'00s Pop Playlist

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This week I spent most of my time listening to my playlists at work especially during the last two days of October. I recently created a new playlist especially for work featuring nothing but metal and all sorts of metal from Amaranthe to Within Temptation, and everything in between. I also been listening a lot to my I Love the '80s II playlist. It is not just about new wave but some cheesy pop and rock form the decade. The music has been a good distraction from the shit storm going on at work for me.

With the recent release of Autumn's new single "The Fall", I have been listening to the single every day and certainly more than a few times. I have been waiting to hear new music from them for some time now. Still listening to the new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse". I have to admit the first time I heard "Sky Collapse", I thought it was a Covenant single since Eskil's vocals comes on first.

Been listening to the new Haim album Something to Tell You quite a bit this week. Just finished listening to it a minute ago. I am really enjoying the album even more so with every time I listen to it. Not a big fan of pop music today but their new album as well as P!nk's latest albums I can make an exception to.

Recently picked up from the library David Gray's greatest hits. It has been years since I listened to his music so I thought I would request his greatest hits album. I find myself enjoying his music more than when he first came out. At the time his vocals was a bit annoying to me but now that I am older, I am really not bothered by his distinctive vocals. My favorite song off the album "The One I Love". I haven't heard that song in many years and when I first heard it today I just fell in love with it again.

I now regret not going to the Tegan and Sara show as opposed to last week's KMFDM show. I really have been enjoying the covers album the duo released. I would have liked to hear the twin sisters perform their album The Con acoustically. The Con X has a couple of duds on it but overall there are some solid covers on it by the likes of Muna, Bleachers, Pvris, and Shura to just name a few.



Friday, November 3, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

This week has not been a fun week for me, in fact it was a total shit show (like the last several months has been for me) but the one bright moment for me was that my favorite band Autumn dropped their new single "The Fall" on Halloween. I have been listening to the song every day and as much as possible through out the day (at home and at work). I was so not disappointed. There are two versions of "The Fall" on this single, along with one other original track "Before and After". The second is a remix by William Faith of The Bellwether Syndicate (a gnarly shoegaze band from Chicago). Both versions of "The Fall". Trying to pick a favorite between the two is next to impossible. I will say that I really love hearing Autumn in a total new way with the Broken RmX by William Faith. Who would have thought that Autumn would sound great as an EBM act? It is just an amazing remix. William really took great care at making sure Julie Plante's voice didn't get lost in the music. Kudos to William Faith for his contributions. As for the other song "Before and After", I am just loving it as much as "The Fall".

It has been practically a decade since the release of the band's second album Return to the Breath. I didn't discover the band not long after their split (my excuse? I spent a part of the 1990s living in another state and oblivious to the local music scene in my home state. LOL). I am thrilled to hear new music from the band and can hardly wait for their third album to drop in the new year.

As for my Spotify playlist, I have a good mix of new and older songs. If you haven't heard the new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse", go check it out. It is fantastic. I have a b-side from the single called "Moonlight Sonata for Holograms - Alternative Version" on this week's playlist. It is a really great track. I will let the song speak for itself.

Last week I went to see (if for a brief moment) KMFDM. I ended up with their song "Freak Flag" stuck in my head for the next several days. That song is definitely one of the few tracks I like off Hell Yeah! (the rest I found to be tepid). It is a very catchy song but not nearly as catchy as Lily Allen's "Fuck You". As I have mentioned at the top of tonight's blog entry, I had a shitty week at work. I just had to add "Fuck You" because it is one of the few things that kept me from pulling out all of my hair.

Just learned this week Tarja has a new Christmas album coming out later this month. I love her version of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". Her version of this timeless Christmas carol is stunning. I certainly plan on buying her new album this month.

This week I have been listening to the new Butcher Babies album Lilith. It is a pretty good album, I am particularly fond of their song "Burn the Straw Man".

Earlier this week I started listening to SPC ECO's Dark Matter album that I bought a couple of years ago. It is so good. I have neglected the album for too long. SPC ECO features ex-Curve guitarist Dean Garcia. I have included on my playlist "Under My Skin", my favorite song off the album. I so recommend checking out SPC ECO especially since Toni Halliday has left the music industry so unfortunately no Curve reunion :(. SPC ECO is worthy project from Dean that is just as good as his former band and should be heard.

Of course I got some old faves like "But Not Tonight" by Depeche Mode, "Dreaming" by OMD, "Beautiful Tragedy" by In This Moment", and the gorgeous "I Held the Mone" by Stoa. Come to think of it, I think I have more current music than older songs :P.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Earworm of the week

I was listening to my second '80s playlist on the way home from work this afternoon when "Dreaming" by OMD hit the airwaves. UGH! I love this song. It is easily my favorite OMD song. And of course I ended up having this song stuck in my head for the rest of the day but that is a good thing since I love the song. Most earworms that gets stuck in my head are awful. LOL!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Album of the Week

I had a difficult time choosing this week's pick for my album of the week. I have been listening to a lot of good music lately at home and at work.  I ended up flipping a coin and ended up with The Con X, a cover album of Tegan and Sara's album The Con. I will be brutally honest, I am not a fan of Tegan and Sara's work before Heartthrob and Love You to Death when they went full on pop. For this listener, I enjoyed this covers album with the exception of a few tracks that were a bit too odd for my liking like Mykki Blanco's version of "Knife Going in" and "Like O, Like H" from Shamir. My favorite tracks are performed by Muna, Trashique, Chvrches,Pvris, Shura, Bleachers, and Sara Bareilles.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

This weekend I went to the Electric Fetus. I was planning on buying the soundtrack to Atomic Blonde but then I saw they had the reissued version of Cuckoo by Curve. I am really glad I made that pick. The album has a second disc of unreleased tracks and remixes. I really enjoyed the second disc as much as with the first disc. I really like the contrast in sounds between Doppelganger and Cuckoo, basically night and day.

I recently picked up a couple of albums from the library Haim's Something to Tell You and Alison Moyet's Other. I have only listened to both albums once but I honestly can say they are both good. Certainly will listen to them more through out the work week.

I almost forgot that Avarice in Audio has a new single out called "Lie to Me". I will be honest, I miss Jade's contributions to AiA's music. It is not a bad song but I feel like it sounds like your typical aggrotech song.

The new Fatima Al Qadiri EP Shaneera has really got my undivided attention. I am certainly not an EDM fan but I find her music extremely compelling to listen to even if I do not understand the lyrics.  I recently started listening to her full length album Brute. She definitely made a fan out of me.

I really wanted to like the new Blutengel EP Black but the only good thing I can say about it is that I like the title track (the original version).

Today I went on a lengthy morning walk. I was listening to Iotronica's Of Moon and Stars. I certainly forgotten how good this ambient/electronica album is. The music almost veers into synthwave territory but then it pulls back and returns to its ambient roots.

I have been on a Nightwish kick lately. I wish I don't have to wait until next March for my trip to Chicago to see the band.



Saturday, October 28, 2017

Recent shows I have attended

After a five month long stint as a recluse, I finally emerged into the concert scene and went to a few shows. I took some photographs and recorded some video footage. I should note that I still have some more photos to post on my Instagram account from the shows I have attended. The first show I went to was last Saturday night. I went to see the band Promidal at Club Underground. I didn't stay for the entire show, I was just at CU for my friend Tracey's band Promidal who never ceases to entertain me with their live shows. Still it was good to get out of the house for a bit.

Wednesday night I went to the Turf Club to see Chelsea Wolfe and Youth Code. That was a highly entertaining show. That was my first time seeing Chelsea Wolfe live. I was completely blown away by Chelsea Wolfe's live act. Her drummer is amazing. Youth Code was fantastic.

It was pretty gnarly when Sara Taylor of Youth Code joined Chelsey onstage in my first clip I recorded.

Friday night's show. I didn't stay very long. I am not a fan of sold out shows in small venues. The show at Amsterdam was not suitable for the huge following that KMFDM has. I am not sure who thought this booking was a great idea bu t it was not because I had heard that people in the back couldn't hear ohGr or KMFDM. I love Amsterdam Bar and Hall but their sound system is not well equipped for these sold out shows. I had a shitty afternoon after work so my mood was already sour when I got to the venue. The packed crowd. Also this week would have been my father's 76th birthday. My emotions was all over the place during both the Chelsea Wolfe/Youth Code and KMFDM shows.

That said, I am glad I went out this week. It was good to see some live music. Asides from the Book of Love show in December, I am probably going to lay low for a bit unless something comes up.

A post shared by Erica Anderson (@eanderson1974) on

A post shared by Erica Anderson (@eanderson1974) on

Finally you can follow me at Instagram at this link: I will be posting more photos from these shows in the coming days.

Friday, October 27, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

TGIF! I got some interesting new tracks on this week's playlist.

Blutengel has a new song out called "Black" while it pales in comparison to their earlier work which I prefer, I have to admit it is one of their better songs in recent years.

Just had to include some Chelsea Wolfe and Youth Code songs on the playlist after attending the sold out show at The Turf Club show. I wish it wasn't so damn packed but overall it was a wonderful night for live music. Youth Code did not disappoint me with their high energy set. Chelsea Wolfe put on an amazing set herself. Her drummer is incredible. I am so glad I finally went to see her live. I have been meaning to see Chelsea live but never got around to doing so.

Also threw in new tracks by Hans Zimmer from the new Blade Runner film, Fatima Al Qadiri, P!nk, and The Eden House.

Just picked up the soundtrack to Atomic Blonde from the library this week. I have been enjoying the soundtrack a lot so I have included a couple of tracks found on it (i.e Nena and Reflex). I certainly plan on getting my own copy when I make a trip to the Electric Fetus for their Halloween sale this weekend.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Today  on my day off from work, I have been uploading some videos I had recorded in the past several days. I hope to get the rest uploaded by the end of the weekend. As I am going through some of my videos I have recorded this year alone, I thought I would post my faves for a Throwback Thursday blog entry.

Autumn's last local show at the soon to be closed Triple Rock. Believe it or not I got this from my seat in the back of the room. LOL! Unfortunately the batteries died during the recording and I forgot to bring more with me. I'm such a big dummy. Oh well! Still love the results of the video footage.  Love this song too. I confess, "Seconds" used to not be one of my favorite Autumn songs but it has grown on me since this show back in February.

I wish I gotten "Nightmare" (my favorite Nyxx song) but oh well. Great song. Damn shame there were people in front of me that got in the way of my camera. I apologize for all the swerving I did in the video. Oh and Nyxx is an absolute doll. I got to chat with her after the concert. I rank her as one of my favorite artists I have had the pleasure in chatting with at shows (along with Donna from Ego Likeness, Jennifer from Ayria, Kristy from The Azoic, and Raymond Watts of PIG).

Now this footage from the same show I had no problem getting a good view ;). This clip of Aesthetic Perfection is by far my favorite of the AP videos I have recorded over the years. I like how close I was to Daniel.

This is the first time I had used my camera instead of my digital camera for video recording. To be honest I prefer using my digital camera. Better sound but unfortunately it keeps zooming out of focus (unlike my camera on my phone). Anyhoo, this is my very favorite Ego Likeness song. What a great show and before my summer went to hell in a hand basket.

And you know damn well I had to record this song at the PIG show ;). My favorite KMFDM song.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Singles of the week

For this week, I decided to go with a couple of singles instead of a full length album because I have been listening them nonstop for the past few days.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Covenant on the new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse". What a great collaboration. I really love the dynamics between Elena and Eskil, along with the great hooks. In fact I wouldn't mind seeing Kirlian Camera collaborate with other musicians in the future. I enjoyed both versions of "Sky Collapse". I can't really pick a fave between the two"Venus Maze" and "Moonlight Sonata for Hologram" are the other two tracks on the EP.  "Venus Haze" is an instrumental track that reminds me of earlier Kirlian Camera with its dark synth rhythms and melodies. "Moonlight Sonata for Hologram" is classic modern Kirlian Camera.

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback when I first heard the new Blume single "Blackening". It did not sound like anything from the band's first two albums Rise From Grey and Autumn Ruins but the more I listened to the song, the more it grew on me. Had I not known it was Blume, I honestly would have guessed Assemblage 23, VNV Nation or Ruined Conflict.  That is how different the band sounds on this track. I think going in this direction might attract more fans and gets more exposure in clubs. I envision that clubgoers would love to dance to this song. The BPM on this song is faster than any of their previous music.

I definitely recommend checking out both singles.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Playlist of the week

I almost forgot that Halloween is just a week away so naturally I threw together a Halloween playlist.   A lot of the tracks are obvious but it is Halloween. No Halloween playlist would be without songs like the theme song to Halloween or Ministry's  "Everyday is Like Halloween".  I will probably update the playlist throughout the next several days. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

For most of this past work week, I have been listening to my Random Playlists and the latest P!nk album at work.

Today the weather has been pretty shitty so I have been listening to my Rainy Day playlist and some Chandeen. I almost forgot how good Forever and Ever by Chandeen is. It is a beautiful dreampop album. Perfect rainy day music.

I also just discovered artist Fatima Al Qadiri courtesy of Pitchfork (, via Facebook. I was intrigued and found her music on Spotify. I will say more later on in other blog entries when I have listened to her music more thoroughly but judging by my initial listen, I liked what I had heard. I rarely listen to EDM but her music is not  your typical oontz music. It is complex and aimed not for the masses who will listen to music based on trends especially in dance music.

While enjoying a lazy Saturday morning, I was listening to the new covers album of Tegan and Sara's album The Con. I enjoyed it so far. I will have to listen to it more to really let the music sink in. I will also have to listen to original version of The Con .

If you haven't heard the new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse", I so recommend checking it out because the Swedish synthpop group Covenant is on the song. It is so good. The song has definitely got me excited for new KC album whenever it comes out.

Another great single is "Blackening" by Blume, one of my personal favorite bands. The band does a huge 360 turn on this song but I like it. I am reminded of VNV Nation, Ruined Conflict, and Assemblage 23.

The more I listen to the new Chelsea Wolfe album Hiss Spun, the more excited I am for her show on Wednesday night. This will be my first major show I have been to since the PIG concert back in July and before my hellish summer forced me into a life as a recluse. I have heard nothing but great things about her live shows. I am just as excited to see Youth Code too.

All this week I have been listening to Loreena McKennitt's An Ancient Muse after work. Great soundtrack to unwind to after a long day at the office.