Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Concerts I went to in 2017

Unfortunately last night I had Windows update and it took all evening for it to go through. Needless to say I was not amused because I could not compose what would be tonight's blog. Thank you Microsoft Windows for that long ass update!

Despite having a super shitty year in 2017, I did manage to attend some great live shows this year. I thought I would share with my readers footage from the shows I recorded.

Unfortunately I didn't get any footage from the White Lies and Austra concerts I attended earlier this year but oh well. I enjoyed the White Lies show a lot, wasn't that impressed with Austra (which would be my last show at the Triple Rock). Just not my cup of tea and should have gone to the Muna show at The Turf Club that same night.

The Chelsea Wolfe and Youth Code was fantastic. Chelsea Wolfe is electrifying live. That was my second time I had seen Youth Code and I was not disappointed. Two days later I went to see Ohgr and a little KMFDM. I would have gotten footage of Ohgr's set but I really could not get any decent shots of the band. I did get a clip of KMFDM live. I thought they sounded better live than the last time I saw them which was at First Avenue with Combichrist several years ago.

I think the Aesthetic Perfection show with Nyxx and Solar Fake was my favorite concert of 2017.  Got to hang and chat with Nyxx for several minutes. She is right up there with Jennifer Parkin, Kristy Venrick, and Raymond Watts as the nicest,sweetest musicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking to over the years. The PIG show was awesome. I still can't believe I got to meet Raymond Watts and had my photo taken with him. He is another fave too.

The Swedish synthpop band Kite was excellent. I hope they come back to town again. They were electrifying to watch.

Autumn at The Triple Rock

Aesthetic Perfection with Nyxx and Solar Fake at Club Underground

Kite with Abbey Death at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

The Birthday Massacre at The Cabooze

Ego Likeness at Club Underground

PIG with Julien-K at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Promidal at Club Underground:

Chelsea Wolfe with Youth Code at The Turf Club

KMFDM at Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Book of Love at 7th St Entry

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