Friday, December 8, 2017

My favorite songs of 2017

Last night, I posted about all the songs I listened to in 2017. Tonight's playlist consists of my favorite songs that came out of 2017.

One of the highlights for me this year was to hear new music from my favorite band Autumn. I was not disappointed with "The Fall". William Faith's remix is incredible. He gives the band a whole new sound. As odd as it is to hear their music remixed as a club track, I absolutely love that version. I am absolutely stoked about the new album Chandelier which drops next month.

In the vein of Autumn, The Eden House has a new album out called Songs For the Broken Ones. Faith and the Muse's Monica Richards sings on most of the tracks and does an amazing job. My personal favorite track off the album is "12 Night".

Despite my personal life being a total shit show this year, 2017 was very good to me when it came to music. The return of Namnambulu was a huge highlight for me this year. It has been nearly a year since Borders was released but I still find myself listening the hell out of it especially the song "Return". I listen to that song every damn day and sometimes more than once. I have never gotten sick of the song. The song has really great pop hooks set to some great production and lyrics. I would have to say it is my very favorite song of 2017.

Another song that I listen to on a daily basis because I am so damn obsessed with it is Xandria's "Forsaken Love". The song is my favorite off Theatre of Dimensions which would end up being Dianne's last album with the band. Unfortunately the album fell flat with me and the band ended up looking foolish after the way they treated Dianne because she needed to take care of her voice. Anyways, I feel "Forsaken Love" really showcases Dianne's talents the best. I wish nothing but ill will for Xandria. WTF goes through five singers in less than ten years? Xandria! It doesn't say much for their integrity or lack there of, and no I am not sorry for writing these comments on the band.

Pop music really isn't my cup of tea but this year there was one pop band that got my undivided attention which was Muna, an L.A based electro pop band. I discovered the band via youtube
for their song "I Know a Place". I  immediately became hooked on the song. Their album About U is fantastic. I love the band's brand of pop music. It is well written and produced. I really regret not going to their show at The Turf Club earlier this year (I went to the Austra show at The Triple Rock).

My other favorite pop song of 2017 is "For Now" by P!nk from her new album Beautiful Trauma. It is my favorite song from the album. I like P!nk. She is a real hoot to watch or read in interviews. She has a lot of spunk that's for sure, nor is she boring.

One of my favorite new finds of 2017 is Nahko (frontman for Nahko and Medicine for the People). His solo album My Name is Bear has given me comfort in my grief (i.e lost my father this year) which not a lot of albums from this year has been able to provide an emotional outlet for me. I love the entire album but I am particularly fond of "Hamakua". I can relate so much to the lyrics, and the melodies and Nahko's vocals are just delightful to listen to.

Both Blutengel and Solar Fake has recently released live acoustic albums. I just listened to them today on my day off from work. Both albums are really good but I like the Solar Fake album a bit more.

This year I discovered two excellent dreampop/shoegaze bands Fazerdaze and Tashaki Miyaki. Their songs I have on the playlist are just super catchy and will end up being ear worms but I love them.

I am really happy that Anette Olzon (ex-Nightwish) joined a new band this year called The Dark Element. The band put out a solid debut album. I had a difficult time picking a song for this playlist because all of the songs are great. I eventually ended up going with "Here's to You".

If you are looking for a song to get a song stuck in your head, go listen to "Mystic Sabbath" by Ghost Twin. That song is pretty damn catchy and hard not to get stuck in one's head. It has ear worm written all over it.

The entire playlist is definitely worth checking out. There were some really great music that came out this year. I could go on and on about the other songs but I won't. If you don't have a Spotify account, just go look them up on youtube. All of them should be on youtube.

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