Monday, December 18, 2017

My favorite playlists of 2017

Up until 2017 I really wasn't into making playlists. Since signing up with Spotify, I listened mostly to albums in their entirety. I made some playlists here and there. This year I really started getting to making playlists when I originally created a Work Playlist which quickly lead into my Random Mix playlists which consists of my favorite songs from the past and present, and from all types of musical genres including pop and country. I thought with the year winding down, I would post my favorite playlists of 2017. I decided to leave off my Random Mix playlists because it would have been pretty obvious.

On the weekends, I will listen to this playlist when I go to bed. I also will listen to it on rainy days or just to chill out to.

Sometimes at work I am just in the mood for music that is super cheesy and not. I have to admit I will always have a soft spot for cheesy europop from the '90s. This playlist brings back memories of my nights at Metropolis nightclub in Milwaukee, WI (which no longer exists).

Love me some '80s music. Of course there is so much music during that decade, I had to create a second playlist. The first consists of new wave while the second playlist consists of new wave, rock, hair metal, and pop. The second playlist is more diverse.

I won't lie, Blutengel's music in recent years hasn't floated my boat. Their last two studio albums hasn't impressed me at all. I created this playlist to feature all of my favorite Blutengel tracks.

Ever since I discovered Nahko, I have been listening a lot to his solo album and his work with Medicine for the People. I hate saying this but On the Verge is my least favorite album by Nahko and Medicine for the People so I left it off this playlist.

I recently redid my Autumn playlist because I wanted to include their new single "The Fall".

Other faves includes:

I certainly do have eclectic tastes in music. It varies on my mood.

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