Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My ten favorite earworms of 2017

Now that it is December and 2017 is coming to an end (THANK HEAVENS!!!), I thought now would be a good time to start reflecting on the year. I thought I would start tonight with my ten favorite earworms from this year. This list is a good mix of old and new music. I will let the songs speak for themselves and hopefully my readers will hear why they are on my list ;).

P.S...Normally earworms are annoying as hell and they usually are songs that people do not like (which is probably putting it mildly). I decided this year to make earworms into something positive instead of being a negative irritant like mosquitoes. LOL!

10. Allison Moorer: Mockingbird

09. Nehko: Hamakua

08. Darden Smith: Little Victories

07. Graveyard Club: Blue Angel

06. White Lies: Right Place

05. Autumn: Even Now

04. P!nk: For Now

03. Amaranthe: Endlessly

02. Xandria: Forsaken Love

01. Namnambulu: Return

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