Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Favorite singles of 2017

This is a first for me. I am actually posting my favorite singles for the year. Generally I don't cover singles at the end of the year because a lot of artists I listen to do not release singles. This year is an exception but I do think this has to do with the fact that bands like Autumn (US band) and Kirlian Camera has new music coming out in the new year which I am super excited about. I hope the same can be said about the synthpop band Blume.

This list may not be seem a lot but for me it is ;). For me the new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse" and the much anticipated new single "The Fall" by Autumn are my favorite singles of 2017. I especially love the new Autumn single. After a lengthy break, the band released new music this past October. I was not disappointed one bit. I was really surprised by the remix that William Faith of The Bellwether Syndicate/Faith and The Muse did which gave the band a completely new sound. The new Kirlian Camera single "Sky Collapse" has really made me excited for new music since they are one of my personal favorite bands in the past decade. I love that Eskil of Covenant is sharing vocals with Elena Alice Fossi.

I certainly wasn't expecting Loreena McKennitt to drop a new song this year. The song may not be as memorable as "All Souls Night", "Mummers Dance", or "The Mystic's Dream" but it is still a lovely song. Loreena could sing the phone book and I would still listen to her.

I have been a huge Blume fan for several years now and have come to expect a certain sound with every release the band put out. I was totally surprised by their new single "Blackening". It is a completely different sound but I appreciate the fact that the band chose to broaden their horizons and take their music in a different direction. If you like Assemblage 23 and Ruined Conflict, check out the new Blume single.

One of my newest discoveries this year was the artist Nahko. His solo album My Name is Bear is a fantastic folk/rock/pop album. I also love his work with his band Medicine for the People. "Dragonfly" is his first single off his My Name is Bear as well as my current favorite song from the album.

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