Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 releases that should be heard

I think 2017 has been a very good year for new music but there are a few releases I think should be heard ASAP. There are a lot more releases I have heard this year but these are the ones that really sticks out with me and should be heard. I say this since I have listen to most of these albums day in and day out at work and at home.

Last night I found out that Felix Marc of Frozen Plasma has a new solo album out called Alternative Facts. I must say this album is right up there with the latest NamNamBulu album Borders which I am constantly listening to through out the work week. I think for fans of EBM/Futurepop, you really can't go wrong with these albums. Both albums are well produced. The lyrics are well written. The melodies are out of this world and super catchy as hell.

While I am more of synthpop and industrial fan, I must say the new album by the darkwave/goth band The Eden House Songs of the Broken One is absolutely amazing. I love the numerous guest musicians and singers that contributed to the album. All the singers did an equally wonderful job on their tracks.

I wish that I was discovered the German goth band Mono Inc. sooner. I have been enjoying the hell out of their new album Together Till the End this week at work.

My new favorite discovery this year is Tashaki Miyaki. Not big on the fact that the band is using a Japanese name when the musicians themselves are anything but Asian, I hate saying this on my music blog but cultural appropriation really isn't cool, especially with this Asian-American. That said the band's first full length album on Metropolis Records is excellent. The band refers to their sound as noir pop and probably to avoid the shoegaze label but I am going with what I know so readers can get a better idea of their sound. Tashaki Miyaki reminds me of Lush, My Bloody Valentine, The Sundays, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Cocteau Twins combined. It is a really great pop album.

I have really been enjoying the hell out of the new PIG EP Prey and Obey. The vibe reminds me of KMFDM's earlier years. While I do like the new KMFDM EP Yeah! I have to say their current sound pales in comparison to what PIG puts out in their music.  Rarely do I enjoy the remixes as much as I do with the originals but I do on Prey and Obey.

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