Friday, July 7, 2017

My current favorite songs of the week

It is Friday night. Time to share with my readers my favorite songs of the week. I got a few local Minnesota bands on the playlist (Graveyard Club, Autumn and The Rope), some new songs (The Eden Tree, PIG, Battle Beast) but for the most part some older tracks. I have been really obsessed with PIG and The Eden House for the past few weeks. Prey and Obey and Songs of the Broken Ones have been receiving lots of play at home as well as at the office.

If you haven't heard of the Russian synthpop band Pegasus Asteroid, you should now. I have included my favorite track by the band "The Fog" on this playlist. It was one of my favorite songs in 2015. The I love the smooth vocals of Anastasia Sokolova and the chill vibe of the music. Just a fantastic song by a band that should be heard by more people into synthpop.

Speaking of synthpop I have been listening a lot to Colony 5. I miss this band. They put out some really good, quality synthpop music.

One of my new favorite songs is by the power metal band Battle Beast.  I recently got their latest album from the library. Their song "Beyond the Burning Skies" has been stuck in my head. It is a beautiful yet aggressive song.

Dark Insights has been getting lots of play from me this past week. I haven't listened to their album Tranformation in awhile. When I was going through my albums on Spotify, I came across Transformation and started listening to it. I definitely can recommend checking out this album for fans of Pride and Fall, VNV Nation, Rotersand, and other futurepop/EBM bands.

I have to admit I am not a big fan of Lorde or her new album however I do like the song "Sober" off her new album Melodrama. It is a catchy pop song.

Fantasies by Metric remains to this very day my favorite album by the band. It was the album that made me a fan. I absolutely love the song "Blindness". It is such a catchy song. I also love the lyrics too.

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