Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 artists/bands that are worth checking out part II

Earlier last month, I posted a blog on 5 artists/bands that I thought people should check out. I thought I would post 5 more. As much as I love to support all the artists that Metropolis and Alfa-Matrix records releases, there is so many more artists and bands who don't get the kind of recognition that bands like Funker Vogt, KMFDM, Ayria, and Unter Null receives.

05. Paradoxx - here is an excellent synthpop band from Australia. I discovered them late last year on youtube by accident. I was looking for some Parralox but misspelled the name and voila! I came across the video for Radium Lover. I bought a copy of their greatest hits cd Decades and the rest is history.

04. Javelynn - Javelynn is ex-Ashbury Height singer Yaz's newest musical project. Here is a video clip of her song Beat You. Her new band's sound has an electro-clash/new wave sound. I dig it. It isn't Ashbury Heights but that's fine with me.

03. Anemonia - I used to be a huge fan of gothic metal but not any more, especially after the dismissal of Tarja Turunen by her former bandmates in Nightwish. Both Tarja and Nightwish's music have suffered in the process. Anemonia is personal favorite goth/metal band. Their singer Cassiope reminds me quite a bit of Tarja in terms of vocals. Ironically Cassiope did try out with Nightwish who clearly wanted to go with a more generic, bland sound ala Within Temptation. Their loss. 2009 was the year the Canadian band released their debut album Moonlit Numina (self-released) which I personally thought was excellent.

02. Angels on Acid - AoA is a really killer industrial band that mixes aggrotech, techno, and goa trance. I have seen them live twice and they put in a lot of energy into their live shows. Here is a video clip for their song Haunt Me.

01. Sapphire Solace - This is a really excellent goth band I had discovered via Myspace 2-3 years ago. Their self-titled EP can be downloaded off itunes. It is definitely worth spending a few bucks.

I think starting this month, I will post a monthly/weekly blog entry on 5 artists/bands that I think people should check out. You can also check out the links on the right hand side of my blog that features a bunch of my favorite artists and bands.

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