Monday, August 22, 2011

Some music news: Crunch Pod calling it quits, Angelspit touring and coming to Saint Paul

Some good news for Angelspit fans:
I first read about about it shortly after I got home from work this afternoon. Tickets can be purchased via Vital Tickets. Personally I am going to pass. Never heard of the other bands nor am I a fan of Angelspit but for those who dig their music, I thought I would share it on my blog :).

Secondly, Crunch Pod is calling it quits later this year after 13 years. Judging by the article, Ben Arp wants to focus more on producing music and on his project Captive 6. Fortunately Crunch Pod won't be folding until later this year so it isn't right away but still, to see one indie label that caters to the industrial crowd is sad. So I salute you Ben Arp for the time and energy you have put into Crunch Pod. 13 years is a long time for any indie labels in this current market today.

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