Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Upcoming Kilted Farmer Koncerts shows

With this week's Seabound concert coming up in three days, I thought I would do a last second push for the show as well as with the upcoming KCK shows by featuring music by many of the bands who will be performing in the coming days/weeks.

1) Seabound with Architect (Daniel Myer of Haujobb) in Saint Paul

I personally am not a fan of the latest Seabound album which is why I opted with one of their older albums but you can find it here on Spotify.

02. Covenant in Saint Paul

The new Covenant album is slowly growing on me. Not as good as their older stuff but it still has some really solid tunes.

03. Aurelio Voltaire/Ego Likeness/Bad September in Saint Paul

This was my first Voltaire album I bought and remains my personal favorite album. Many, many, many moons ago I had seen this album at Cheapo Discs and bought it on whim. The album cover intrigued me so I decided to buy it at the time.

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