Friday, March 6, 2015

Releases from SkyQode worth checking out

I decided to take a break tonight from my end of the week lists to mention a few releases from the Russian label skyQode, an up and coming label that specializes in synthpop,industrial, and electronic dance. Today I listened to three releases from the label that I think needs to be heard.

01. Diversant: 13 New World Disorder

This is kickass aggrotech. The band is from Minsk, Belarus. Their album New World Disorder came out last year but who cares?! The album is excellent. They so remind me of another favorite aggrotech band Nitro/noise. Music is both aggressive and catchy. So if you like Nitro/noise, I definitely recommend Diversant: 13. They fucking rock!

02. Re/Vision: The SkyQode Tribute to De/Vision

Tribute albums are a hit or miss with me but this tribute album to De/Vision hit a home run with me. Excellent interpretations of a dozen De/Vision songs. I think each band did a great job at covering De/Vision's music.

03. Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog

I have to admit I kinda forgot about the Russian duo's new EP until I visited SkyQode's bandcamp page at work. I had heard samples of  The Fog not long ago and really liked their brand of synthpop. If you like female fronted synthpop like The Azoic, I definitely recommend Pegasus Asteroid.

After listening to these releases today, I definitely will be throwing my money towards SkyQode on a regular basis. I really love what I had heard so far from this label. They definitely deserve my support as well as support from others in the scene. 

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