Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Old and New Favorite Songs of the Week

Old Favorite Songs:
Sleepthief: Just Say It (featuring Kyoko Baertson)

This song is by far my personal favorite Sleepthief song ever. Loved it when I first heard the album The Dawnseeker, still love it to this day.

L7: Fast And Frightening

I was on an L7 kick this afternoon at work. "Fast and Frightening" is one of my personal favorite L7 songs. Donita Sparks really shines on this song with the way she snarls through out this song. The album Smell the Magic that the song can be found on is one of my favorite albums by the band.

Lights of Euphoria: Nothing At All

I recently heard this song for the first time in 2-3 years. I almost forgot how good it is. I used to have the album that it was on but I wasn't too fond of the album which is a shame.

New Favorite Songs:
Mary Lambert: Jessie's Girl

I recently got to hear Mary Lambert's latest album Heart on My Sleeve. The song that really stood out for me was her cover of Rick Springfield's "Jessie's Girl" in which she turns into a melancholy ballad. Absolutely love this song.

Pegasus Asteroid: The Fog

I am so loving the synthpop band Pegasus Asteroid. Their EP The Fog is soooooo good. I especially love the title track.

Diversant13: Here Comes the Storm

Diversant:13 is my current favorite electro band. They also happen to be on SkyQode record label, my favorite record label right now. I definitely need to buy their album soon. It is really good

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