Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I am currently listening to

Natalia Kills: Mirrors Remix

I got the "Mirrors" remix cd for free at the Robyn show this past Sunday. I am totally grooving to the song. Catchy little pop song. She definitely reminds me of Lady Gaga. It would be hard pressed to not hear the comparisons. I really hope I don't have to wait too long for a full length album. Natalia Kills' music is addictive.

Conjure One: Exilarch

Although I had downloaded a copy of the new C1 album not long ago, I decided to buy an actual copy of the album. I have been really enjoying the album even more so with every listen. I still don't care for "I Dream in Color". Don't care for the melodies or the vocals. "The Distance" has become my favorite track on the album. I am really looking forward to seeing C1 perform live at Ground Zero on 3/16.

Funker Vogt: Blutzoll

Blutzoll is a solid album from the German industrial giants. The beats are a lot more polished than on previous album. I love the song "Arising Hero". The lyrics and the melodies are beautiful, if not epic. I don't say that very often about a Funker Vogt song.

Sara Noxx: Intoxxication

I finally got around to buying the most recent Sara Noxx album. Fabulous electro-pop. I have been a fan of Sara Noxx's music for a few years now. I first heard her on a remix of Blutengel's "Navigator". Bought the album "Bridges LTD" by Essexx featuring her and ex-Dust of Basement Sven Wolff. I also have her 3 cd box set and Exxtasy (which I won off ebay a year ago). I wish her music was more accesible in the US. Anyways, her latest album is definitely worth checking out even just for the song "Your Song" alone (a beautiful ballad).

Phantoms of the SS & Verney 1826: Anthem and Procession

Last week I went to see Phantoms of the SS at the 400 Bar. While I was there, I picked up a copy of Anthem and Procession, an album that Phantoms and Verney 1826 collaborated on together. I have been digging it a lot. The darkwave/ambient music has a sinister, ominous sound that would be perfect for a horror movie from yesteryear (not that torture porn crap).

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