Sunday, February 6, 2011

My current jams of the moment

Here are some songs that I am totally digging right now that I think people should hear.

Where the Wild Roses Grow by Sara Noxx and Mark Benecke

This cover of the Nick Cave/Kylie Minogue duet is fabulous I think. Of course I am a bit bias because I am a huge fan of Sara Noxx's music.

Pornstar by Miss Construction

I came across this song last night on youtube. It is another project by Blutengel's Chris Pohl. The lyrics are quite raunchy and hilarious to say the very least.

Better than Love by Hurts

I have been listening to some Hurts on youtube in the last couple of days. "Better Than Love" is my personal favorite song that I have heard by the duo so far. Great synthpop. I am going to have to get their latest album soon.

Your Song by Sara Noxx

I love this ballad "Your Song" by Sara Noxx. I finally ordered a copy over a week ago. I really wish Sara was more known in the American electro scene. I find her music so wonderful especially this lovely ballad.

Something Evil by Psy'Aviah

I have been totally digging the latest Psy'Aviah album Eclectric. "Something Evil" is one of

Reich mir die Hand by Blutengel

Just when I thought Blutengel stopped making good music, Chris Pohl and company miraculously pulls out a rabbit out the hat figuratively speaking with their new song "Reich mir die Hand". For me this song reminds me of why I first fell in love with Blutengel with their catchy pop hooks and Chris's deep,forboding vocals. I hope their next album will be full of songs as catchy as this tune. I was so not impressed with their 2009 album Schwarzes Eis.

Vampyr by Paradoxx

This is one of my personal favorite songs by the Australian synthpop group Paradoxx. Very catchy.

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