Monday, February 14, 2011

Robyn with Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings

After waiting for months on end, I finally went to see Swedish pop artist Robyn with Natalia Kills and Diamond Rings at First Avenue last night. Last week Robyn was sick with the flu and had to postpone a few shows which caused me great concern over the Minneapolis show. Thankfully she got well enough for the Milwaukee show (which was on February 12th, the night before the Mpls show).  I met up with my friend Colleena from the Combichrist show in November.

Natalia Kills open the show with a very short set of what like 4 songs maybe. Still her songs was kick ass. I was reminded quite a bit of Lady Gaga except Natalia is a brunette. The songs was very catchy. I am hooked. Both Colleena and I each got a signed copy of her latest single "Mirrors". I hope Natalia Kills puts out a full length album sometime this year. Youtube isn't cutting it for me. LOL!

Diamond Rings on the other hand was boring as white bread. Colleena didn't care for him either, so it wasn't just me who didn't care for DR. LOL!

Robyn...what is there else I can say? She totally rocked the house. For someone who was sick last week, you wouldn't have guessed that she was sick. She totally was dancing all over the stage. The energy of the entire club was electrifying.

Here are some clips that I found off youtube from last night's show. They are not even a minute long but they will do.

Hang with Me
Dancing On My Own

I think the only thing I didn't like about the show last night (asides from Diamond Ring's boring set) was the gobs of people, and this really annoying gay guy who kept propping himself up on the railing and leaning back to take photos of his friends. I was surprised he didn't fell off the railing (which I would have laughed because he put himself in such a risky situation). Oh and before I forget, I was tickled pink when Natalia Kills said she loved my vintage black leather jacket when she signed a copy of her latest single for me. That was awesome. All in all it was a fun night. Tiring but fun. Emilie Autumn is next week. I can hardly wait to see her again.

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