Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theme songs for right-wingers

Tonight's blog has been inspired by a conversation I had on FB. I had made fun of GA representative Bobby Franklin's concept of the government investigating in miscarriages. This led to a FB friend of mine mentioning a Caustic track which quickly led to the brilliant idea of pairing some of my least favorite (right wing) politicians with some of my favorite industrial music. What can I say? I have warped sense of humor and am an unapologetic socialist. LOL!

Lady Business by Caustic
Bobby Franklin

It goes without saying that the Caustic track is appropo for Bobby Franklin. After all this is the same bozo who force women to prove miscarriage happened naturally or face felony charges. I feel sorry for any woman who is married to that right wing whacko.

Schadenfreude by Aesthetic Perfection
Michele Bachmann

I think this is pretty self-explainatory. Michele Bachmann is a walking schadenfreude waiting to happen. Nothing but stupid comes out of her mouth every time she opens it. I can always count on her to make me laugh.

Hate Me by Suicide Commando
Scott Walker

I think right now Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is on every progressive's shit list right now so I thought a little Suicide Commando would be appropriate for that moron.

Feed the Lie by Unter Null
The Koch Brothers

All the shit that comes out of these two ugly windbags is nothing but lies so why not a little Unter Null?

Free Your Hate by KMFDM
Glenn Beck

I would like Glenn Beck...if he wasn't such an unbearable bore and insufferable bigot. He would be so much more pleasant if he would "free his hate" (to paraphrase KMFDM) but that won't be happening anytime soon in this lifetime.

Social Enemy by Front Line Assembly
Sarah Palin

"Social enemy" is a perfect description for the former half-term governor of Wasilia, Alaska. Her opinions on foreign relations doesn't amount to a hill of beans since she has NO experience when it comes to dealing with foreign countries. I like to give John McCain a swift kick in the groin area for foisting her and her hillbilly family upon the country. UGH!

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