Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few songs worth checking out

Tonight I finally got around to checking out the new Stray track "Out of Place".

Stray - Out of Place (demo mixdown) by unternull
It is really good. I really dug the break beats as well as the melodies. I am so looking forward to hearing the next Stray album. I am getting antsy about it. I just love the first Stray album Abuse by Proxy.

IAMX has a new song/video out called Ghosts of Utopia. I am also looking forward to the new IAMX album.

Earlier this week I heard a new Diffuzion track called Ddb(While You Can). I love the crisp synth beats on that track. I have been waiting impatiently for new music from this band.

Last year when I bought the latest Sensuous Enemy cd Parity, the name The Light Asylum appeared as one of the remixers on the EP. I listened to their stuff on Myspace as well as soundcloud and really dug what I heard. Here is a recently uploaded song I found on soundcloud. It reminded me a bit of Curve during the Come Clean/Gift era.

Pretty Leash (Single Version) by The Light Asylum

Finally, Lords of Acid posted a link to a snippet of their new song Mighty Little Rabbit. Again, reminds me of Curve.

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