Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All Cities Destroyed tour - Minneapolis

All Cities Destroyed Tour at Ground Zero Nightclub

I see that photobucket is being bitch right now. Can't get the slideshow option to work. Just click on the link to view the photos from the show last night.

So last night was the All Cities Destroyed tour featuring Blakopz, [X]-RX, and Aesthetic Perfection with local band Static Image opening up the show. The weather was a beast to say the very least but thank heavens Ground Zero was air conditioned. It was paradise. I ended up doing the VIP package for the show. Only 2 only people also did the VIP. Waiting outside GZ was anything but pleasant in terms of the miserable heat but the two guys that were doing the VIP were pretty cool in my book. AP drummer Tim Van Horn came out to lead us back into Ground Zero. Once inside the venue, Static Image was going through sound check which made it a bit of a challenge to hear each other speak. Got to meat the guys in [X]-RX who were cool to talk to. Daniel and Tim were really fun to hang with and to talk to. Got to hear some interesting stories about their current tour. With the VIP package deal came a poster, stickers, and a photo book (only available to those who signed up to do the VIP package). Got my photo taken with Daniel and Tim of course ;). Overall fun experience. I am really stoked for the Icon of Coil show. I hope more people will open their wallets and invest in that package. People really don't know what they are missing on these VIP packages.

The show began with the local band Static Image from Rochester, MN. I think the band keeps getting better with every live performance. They sounded really good last night. I regret not recording any live footage from their excellent set last night. I was particularly pleased to see quite a few people hit the dance floor to watch the band perform. Normally with a lot of local bands (unless your name is Gabriel and the Apocalypse or Thought Thieves), people tends to just watch the band from afar but not with Static Image.

Up next was BlakOPz,a really rad aggrotech band from Phoenix, Az. Here is footage that I shot during their set last night. They really sounded fucking awesome.

I was kinda surprised that the dance floor cleared during BlakOPz's set. I suppose not everyone digs the harsh vocals by Alex King. Can't please everyone I suppose. I enjoyed their set and there certainly was some people who did (the dance floor wasn't totally empty).I ended up buying a Blakopz shirt that night.

The next act was the German act [X]-RX. They totally killed it on stage last night. They had so much energy and the audience fed off their energy and enthusiasm for performing. Unfortunately their merchandise was all sold out within 2 days of the tour. I definitely plan on ordering some music by them. I really loved their live set. I also got recorded a song from their set last night.

Finally was Aesthetic Perfection. This was the third time I had seen the band perform live, fourth seeing Daniel perform live. I was not disappointed in last night's set. Tim Van Horn reminded me so much of Joe Letz of Combichrist. He was pounding the skins so hard, I was expecting for one of his drumsticks to come flying out of his hands. Daniel had a lot of energy as a performer as well. I loved watching the way he moved all over the stage. Of course my batteries had to die just when the band started playing my favorite Necessary Response's song "Spilling Blood" (NR is a one time side project from Daniel Graves). Excuse the way the video came off. Plus the sound quality from my Canon digital camera wasn't all that hot. I finally figured out that night how to record video footage on it. I think I'll stick with my old Sony camera for video footage (as long as I am up in front of the stage).

I had a lot of fun last night. Great bands. Saw some friends as well as made a few new ones. Going home wasn't so much fun. It was disgustingly hot as I walked home from Ground Zero. Couldn't find a lousy pedicab in sight so I hiked home. Still last night was a wonderful night. I hope to see all the bands again in the near future. They sounded great live.

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