Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My fantasy festival line up

Today on City Pages' website, there was a article about the now cancelled SoundTown festival and whether Minnesota is suffering from festival fatigue. Here is the actual link to the article. Personally I don't think there really is one reason why SoundTown failed to draw up ticket sales. I will say that some of the blame can be placed on the fact that SoundTown was scheduled not long after recent festivities like Rock the Garden, the River's Edge, and the Basilica Block Party. The rising cost of SoundTown didn't help but I think the main reason was the line up. Jane's Addiction and Florence + The Machine already played in Minneapolis earlier this year. Why would you book acts that that already have performed hear? Not everyone like them (I like Florence + the Machine but that's just my opinion). Lets not forget about all the local block parties that showcases local hipster, er, indie rock/rap acts. Has concert promoters here (with a few exceptions like Trace of Kilted Farmer Koncerts and other independent promoters) forgot that there are other genres of music represented in the Twin Cities? Clearly they have which makes for festivals like SoundTown and River's Edge unappealing for me. The bland and insipid line up to me is what led to SoundTown to be cancelled. No ONE wants to go to an event where the artists and bands have already played in the Twin Cities more than once in under five years.

As a result, I decided that I would create my own festival...well, fantasize about it if I had the financial means to put on such a huge event. I would call my [fictional] festival Nocturne.

My festival would be like Northern Spark. The performances would be at three different venues: 7th Street Entry, Ground Zero nightclub, and The Varsity Theater. It would be a three day event. The first night would start off at the 7th Street Entry featuring all local bands in the goth/industrial scene. I would have Ficshe, Geodesic, Thought Thieves, Dissociate, Static Image, and As l Of.  In between sets, DJ SLT would spin some music while bands set up/take down their equipment.

For the second night of Nocturne, the venue would be at Ground Zero. I would have Sensuous Enemy, The Break Up, DarkDriveClinic, Javelynn, Moonlight Cove, Mari Chrome, and the Chrom.

On the third and final night, the venue is at The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. I would consider them the headliners of the entire festival. My headliners would be: Kirlian Camera, Blutengel, Cylab, and Garbage.

I think I would have tables set up at least 2 of the 3 venues where local businesses like Saint Sabrina's, and Electric Fetus could have some coupons, stickers, magnets, and maybe a t-shirt here and there to give away, as well as some items up for sale like vinyl from the Fetus. Something similar to what goes down at the annual Transmission anniversary celebration at First Avenue.

As for the cost, I probably would price tickets similar along the lines of what tix for River's Edge was so I am thinking like $70 for a single night and $150 for all three nights. That is a rough estimation and plus this is a fantasy of mine ;). If I ever won a lottery I would so put this festival or something similar to it. That would be bad ass. For now it is just a mere fantasy but that is okay with me.

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