Monday, July 30, 2012

Future Perfect - Escape

Over the weekend my copy of Escape by the electropop duo Future Perfect finally arrived in my mailbox.

It goes without saying that I was not disappointed with what I had heard. This is my first Future Perfect album so I can't compare it to their first albu,and it certainly won't be my last. Definitely do have plans on buying a download of their first album Dirty Little Secrets in the near future.

My initial reaction to Escape is "Gee, this reminds me quite a bit of Parralox" with the male/female vocals. In a lot of situations where both vocals are handled by a man and a woman, I tend to favor the woman's vocals but this is not the case with Simon Owen and Rebecca Morgan. I enjoyed both Simon and Rebecca's vocals equally. I like that their vocals never drowns out the other nor do their vocals sounds forced or shrill to my ears. Their vocals compliment each other like chocolate and peanut butter ;).

For me, Escape is one of those albums that I can listen to from start to finish without skipping a track. Although the music is a bit more poppier than what I listen to, the lyrics on the album certainly has a darker and edgier quality than on a lot of electropop/synthpop albums that I listen to on a regular basis at the office. Normally I think that adding remixes at the end of an album comes off as if the artist or band is trying to stretch the length of time on the album but I don't get that here on the two remixeds of "Escape" and "Paradise". I felt they were a nice addition to the album. Every song on the album is a winner with me. I definitely think that Escape by Future Perfect needs to be heard by all. This is a little gem that I would hate to see get buried underneath all the great releases in 2012.

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  1. Thank you so much for that review Erica. It means so much to us that you've enjoyed our music. Catch you on facebook soon (add yourself to our band page)

    Regards and thanks

    Simon - Future Perfect