Thursday, July 12, 2012

10 more bands to check out

I just knew that I would forget a bunch of more bands when I wrote in a previous bands 10 bands that people need to check out. Well here's the sequel. LOL!

10. Linea Aspera

Linera Aspera is a terrific minimalist synthpop duo from the UK. Alison Lewis sings and Ryan Ambridge is provides the music.

09. Sixth June

I discovered Sixth June last year. They are a synthpop duo from Germany. Lidija Andonov is on vocals and Laslo Antal is on synthesizers and programming.

08. Lily of the Valley

I discovered this band via FB from one of my friends last year. I was immediately hooked on the band's music.

07. Moonlight Cove

I came across Moonlight Cove via youtube. A video clip for their song "This is Euphoria" was recommended to me. I automatically loved it. Their new album Hearts of the World is one of the best synthpop albums of 2012 IMHO.

06. The Crystalline Effect

One of these days I will buy their albums but from what I have heard online, I absolutely LOVE.

05. The Break Up

The Break Up is Severina Sol's other band, next to Cylab. I love both bands equally. Severina's work with The Break Up is fantastic. Her vocals really gets to shine through on the music. Very '80s minimalistic synthpop with a dash of punk, trip hop, and industrial.

04. Psyborg Corp

After 3 years since I first discovered this band I still love them. Still waiting for their follow up to The Mechanical Renaissance.

03. Sapphire Solace

I have been a fan of this band long since my Myspace days as Rubber Ducky. LOL. Earlier this spring, I bought their album Shadow Stories. I am so looking forward to hearing their next album that they are currently working on.

02. DarkDriveClinic

Since a Curve reunion will only happen when pigs fly and hell freezes over, DarkDriveClinic is the next best thing to my favorite alternative rock band. DDC really does remind me a lot like Curve minus an english accent.

01. Light Asylum

This New York duo is one of the most unique bands around I have heard in the last few years. I definitely recommend checking this band out. They have a self-titled album out now courtesy of Mexican Summer. I bought my copy at the Electric Fetus last month.

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