Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favorite [gothic] metal albums

In the last few weeks I have started listening to gothic metal again. It has been awhile. I had stopped listening to the genre for a couple of years because the bands started sounding all the same. That all changed when I re-discovered the music of Lullacry, a Finnish hard rock band I thought I would share some of my favorite albums in the metal genre with those who read my blog.

Lullacry: Vol.4

I bought this album over the weekend because of: 1) it had been sitting in the bins at Cheapo Records for years, and 2) for the ballad "Heart Shaped Scars". I am so glad I bought this album. I almost forgot how fun and catchy the band's music is.

Midnattsol: The Metamorphosis Melody

This is the other album I picked up at Cheapo records this past weekend. I was just heading towards the cash register to buy the Lullacry cd when I saw The Metamorphosis Melody in the metal bins. Realizing how much I have missed listening to their music, I decided to get it along with the Lullacry album. I am very glad I did. I like how 99% of the music is sung by a woman. On a lot of gothic metals, there is that annoying trend of the female/male duo vocals with the male singing in that annoying gutteral style (i.e Cookie Monster on Acid). Only one song featured that irritating style of singing.

Nightwish: Imaginaerum

Of the two albums, ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon sang with the band, Imaginaerum is my favorite. Do I think it is better than any of the albums that Tarja sang on? Not by a stretch but I think Imaginaerum is very good. I adore the song "Storytime". It is just so damn catchy.

Anemonia: Moonlit Numina

I discovered this band four years ago on Myspace when I got a friend request from them. I am not sure what their status is right now. Their MS and FB pages haven't been touched in ages. I hope they put out another album. I absolutely adore Moonlit Numina. They remind me of old Nightwish (when Tarja was in the band).

Elis: Catharsis

Catharsis was the first album Elis put out after the unexpected death of their lead singer Sabine Duenser. Sadly this is the first and last album with new singer Sandra Schleret. Damn shame. I thought Catharsis was an excellent album. I wish I knew what was up with the band. Last I heard they had a new singer but that was like a year or two ago.

Omega Lithium: Kinetik

I discovered this awesome band via FB on a friend's page. I have both their albums. Super catchy music. Love the clean vocals.

Arch Enemy: Khaos Legions

I have to admit I am not a big fan of this style of metal but I just adore Khaos Legion by Arch Enemy. I bought it at The Electric Fetus' fall garage sale a couple of years ago and got it for only a $1.50. Even though I had tried to like the band's music a few years earlier prior to the sale, I decided to get it on a whim. I am glad that I did. I was surprised by how catchy the album is especially the song "No Gods, No Masters".

Nightwish: Oceanborn

Of all the albums Tarja sang on with Nightwish, Oceanborn is my personal favorite. The material is just amazing froms start to finish.

Luna Mortis: The Absence

I found this awesome Wisconsin band via Myspace several years ago when they were known as Ottoman Empire, then they changed their name to Luna Mortis. Their music has the right mix of melodies and heavy metal guitar riffs. Shortly after releasing The Absence, they broke up. I recently discovered that the band has reunited which makes me very happy.

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