Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Albums I am currently listening to

Loreena McKennitt: Elemental

I have had this CD for a few weeks now. Just forgot to mention it. I had won this album off ebay. I love Loreena McKennitt's music but her first album took me several listens for me to appreciate the music. The music is so sparse compared to her other albums like The Mask and the Mirror and Book of Secrets.

Ghost and Writer: Red Flags

Over the weekend I picked up a couple of CDs at the Electric Fetus. One was the new Ghost and Writer album Red Flags. I got it because I loved what I heard in the "Never Take Fire" trailer.

I will be honest, it isn't a bad album per say but I really wasn't left blown away by it either. The remixes on the album is much better and that says a lot about the materia. Truthfully I would much rather hear new Seabound or Edge of Dawn.

Moby: Play

Play was the other CD I bought at the Fetus over the weekend. I almost forgot how much I love this album. This is definitely one of Moby's best albums to date IMHO.

Lullacry: Fire Within

Since having dug out a bunch of CDs I had burned over the years, one of them was a mixed cd of Lullacry songs featuring their EP Fire Within, not to mention having bought their album Vol.4 a couple of weeks ago. I found myself digging the songs off the EP and ended up getting a used copy off ebay.

The Bellwether Syndicate: The Night Watch I finally, finally got my copy of The Bellwether Syndicate EP The Night Watch. It was so well worth the long ass wait. The band had to keep pushing the release date which was by no means their fault. Circumstances just forced them into a situation they had no control over. You can hear some of their material here but sadly the sound isn't all that hot. I definitely recommend buying their EP. It is a kickass mix of post punk, synth, and goth. I can hardly wait to hear more from that band in the future.

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