Monday, March 4, 2013

Tour Odyssey: Dirty Heads with Shiny Toy Guns

So last night was my first big concert of the season, it was the Tour Odyssey with Dirty Heads and Shiny Toy Guns at Mill City Nights venue in the warehouse district. There were two opening bands Midi Matilda and Oh No Fiasco. I had never heard of the two bands until tonight. Midi Matilda is a two man rock band from San Franciso and Oh No Fiasco is a quartet from Knoxville, TN. Here are a couple of pics of the two bands. First is Oh No Fiasco who opened the show and then Midi Matilda. Show started right at 7:30pm.

I liked what I heard from both bands. Their music was catchy and fun especially Oh No Fiasco. Oh No Fiasco had a bit of an rhythmn and blues sound to their sound mixed with some rock. Midi Matilda was more rock and roll. Loved watching Midi Matilda's drummer quite a bit. He was like the muppet Animal. LOL.

Shiny Toy Guns hit the stage just shortly after 9pm. They were the reason why I was at the show to begin with.

I was not disappointed with what I had heard. STG performed a mix of new and old songs. I was really happy when they performed their version of Peter Schilling's "Major Tom (Coming Home)".

That really made my night as well as hearing their song "Rainy Monday" from their first album.

The band's set was highly energetic. I wished that the band could have performed longer but they had to let Dirty Minds perform. I will be honest. I left the show after STG. I was not interested in seeing Dirty Minds. Of all the bands STG could tour with, they were touring with a reggae band? Whatever. I was glad to be out of the venue. While the show was not sold out and the second floor was closed off (which was dumb because the general floor was packed like a sardine can), I would guess about 400-600 were at the show. I could be well off my estimates. For me, it's hard to tell.

As for the venue itself, I kinda liked it. I got to go into the basement for several minutes before we could go into the main room. In the main part of Mill City Nights, it reminded me of The Fine Line but with a much bigger stage (I think). In the beginning, I wished I had brought my Unter Null hoodie with me. I was chilly. Thankfully halfway through my evening, I started to warm up.  My biggest gripe? The service fees for their tickets. Freaking hell! I paid nearly $12 in service fees for Garbage. I blame that on AXS.  The service fees for the STG was only $7 however if future shows at MCN is going to be like for the Garbage show,  I would be a bit reluctant to go to any more shows there.  To be frank, I don't think the addition of Mill City Nights was necessary. The Twin Cities is loaded with music venues. Why clog up the scene with another venue, especially one who is corporate owned and the service fees are ridiculous?

All in all I had a good night. I have no regrets. I definitely plan on seeing STG in the future. Assuming that they don't tour with another band that has nothing in common with their music.

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