Saturday, March 30, 2013

I:Scintilla with Goodnight Criminals, GoFight, and Gabriel and The Apocalypse at Ground Zero 3.29.13

I:Scintilla with Goodnight Criminals, GoFight, and Gabriel and the Apocalypse

Well another concert has come and gone. Last night Chicago electronica/rock band I:Scintilla returned to the Twin Cities with fellow Chicagoans Goodnight Criminals and GoFight. A good time was to be had. Goodnight Criminals started off the night with their mix of rock and electronica music. Goodnight Criminals features I:Scintilla's Brent Leitner. I didn't get any video footage of their set but you can get an idea of their sound from this music video that I dug up.

I liked what I heard from Goodnight Criminals. They have a sound that fits well with I:Scintilla's brand of electronica/rock.

Up next was GoFight which features ex-Die Warzau member Jim Marcus. I really dug the sound of this band. Their set was highly entertaining. Again, sorry I didn't get any video footage of their set.
Gabriel and the Apocalypse was the third band during the night. I was not disappointed. For the most part. I swear in the beginning of the band's set, Lindy's mic was all jacked up so I couldn't hear her vocals. Eventually the sound quality picked up but still I felt like I was just watching Lindy lipsynch. Just my $0.02. Asides from that,I really enjoy seeing GATA perform live. Their CDs really don't do the band justice. It is always great to see them perform live especially when the perform "Silent War", my FAVORITE GATA song of all time. Check out their new video.

Finally the mighty I:Scintilla. I was so not disappointed. This time I got video footage of the band's performance.

I ended up going home with a copy of Marrow 1 by I:Scintilla, an I:Scintilla t-shirt, and a free poster from the band. All in all it was a very good night.

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