Friday, March 29, 2013

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto Disc 1

Yesterday my copy of Alfa Matrix Records' Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation finally arrived in the mail. It goes without saying that I was ecstatic. Absolute Grrrls Manifesto is a four CD box set featuring some of today's up and coming as well as well-established female artists in the underground music scene. I thought it would be a good idea if I reviewed the box set disc by disc as oppose to trying to review it as a whole which would end up looking like a book ;). So tonight I am starting with disc one.

Track List:
01. Javelynn - Wannabe
02. Ayria - Plastic Makes Perfect
03. Collide - Chaotic (oxidized remix)
04. The Birthday Massacre - Leaving Tonight
05. Liv Kristine - Paris, Paris
06. Dark Orange - Butterflies
07. Polar Dust - Deep End
08. L'ame Immortelle - Wie Tranen im Regen
09. The Dreamside - Collide
10. September Mourning - Crimson Skies
11. Diskarnate - Greed
12. Zeitgeist Zero - United in Black (Angels and Agony Mix)
13. Lunacy Box - Save (Dinn [A] TDD rmx)
14. Diffuzion - Wasted
15. Daybehavior - God Speed (radio edit)
16. Xberg Baboons - Hey Yoko Ono (Metroland mix)
17. Even More - Always

Disc One kicks off with one of my favorite songs of 2011 "Wannabe" by Javelynn. It is an addictive, bouncy electropop track. If the vocals by Yaz Uhlin sounds familiar it is because she sang on the first two Ashbury Heights releases. She is one of my favorite singers in recent years so of course I am going to be a little bias ;). "Wannabe" still sounds exciting to me as the first time I heard it a couple of years ago. Really dig the new Ayria track "Plastic Makes Perfect", the title track of Ayria's new album. The song is classic Ayria...bouncy electro beats and perky vocals. Can't ask for anything more from one of my favorite artists. I am probably going to piss some people off but I am not a fan of Collide's music. Their music is too boring. For the most part anyways. Their remixes of their songs are killer. Now if their albums sounded more like their remixes, I would be a fan. The Oxidized remix of "Chaotic" is just killer. Just love the beats to this song. Love the addition of TBM's "Leaving Tonight" and Liv Kristine's "Paris, Paris". Those songs adds another sound to the disc with the addition of guitar riffs.

I really appreciate the fact that the entire box set includes other genres of music like gothic metal and alternative rock to go along with the synthpop and industrial sounds from the likes of Unter Null, Marsheaux, The Azoic, and Dark Orange to just name a few. It does help not make the compilation sound so one dimensional.

I liked most of the album but there were a couple of turkeys on the album like The Dreamside's "Collide", XBerg Baboons' "Hey Yoko Ono" and Daybehavior's "God Speed". The problem with "Collide" by The Dreamside was the shoddy production value. It was terrible compared to the rest of the disc. The song itself wasn't bad but the quality in sound just was not all that good. I am not big on minimalist synthpop. It is a hit or miss with me. "Hey Yoko Ono" by Xberg Baboons was a total miss. I just didn't care for the lyrics or the beats. Both were flat to these ears. I like Daybehavior but "God Speed" was a disappointment with me. The melodies fell flat with me.

My favorite tracks? That's easy. My favorite tracks are "Butterflies" by Dark Orange", "Deep End" by Polar Dust, "Greed" by Diskarnate, "Wannabe" by Javelynn, "Plastic Makes Perfect" by Ayria, "Chaotic" (Oxidized remix) by Collide, "United in Black" (Angels and Agony rmx) by Zeitgeist Zero, and "Save" by Lunacy Box. I particularly love "Butterflies" by Dark Orange. Just loved the ethereal vocals and the shoegazey like melodies.

Just love the Polar Dust track as much as the Dark Oranges track.

As a whole, the first disc in the Absolute Grrrls Manifesto is very good. The three tracks I didn't care for are mere blips on the radar. The quality in the rest of the songs makes up for them.

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