Monday, July 7, 2014

5 artists you should check out

Empyrean Asunder

I just discovered this band yesterday when they started following my Twitter account. Needless to say curiosity got to me and I had to check them out. Of course I totally dug what I heard right away. The band reminds me a little of Mankind is Obsolete but with harsher vocals. I definitely recommend checking this band out. From what I have read on their Facebook page, they have a new album coming out in August. I definitely will be sharing that info when the time comes.

Ruined Conflict
This morning I discovered that Ruined Conflict has a new album out called Revolutionary Mayhem. I listened to some of it on Spotify before work. I really like it. If you love VNV Nation, you will definitely love Ruined Conflict.

Cosmic Armchair
These guys are easily one of my favorite new bands of 2014.

Jordan Reyne

Cold In May

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