Friday, July 4, 2014

Albums of the Week: Whole/Flowers and Silence/Borderline EPs by The Girl and The Robot

Once again, for this week's Album of the Week feature, I opted to write about more than one album. In this case it is about the two EPs by The Girl and The Robot that I recently received in the mail. I really wish I knew what was up with the group but I would not be surprised if the duo of Plastique and Deadbeat was on an indefinite hiatus or have broken up. Nevertheless I still think their music warrants some attention because it is so damn good in my honest opinion. If you like new wave music especially '80s new wave, you will definitely dig the sounds of The Girl and The Robot.


Silence/Borderline was the first of the two EPs by The Girl and The Robot I first listened to via Spotify a couple of weeks ago. I was immediately hooked especially after hearing "Please Stay".


Whole/Flowers is the duo's first EP and just as good as Silence/Borderline. Super catchy electro/new wave songs.

The reason I bought the two EPs over their full length album The Beauty of Decay is that I preferred the sounds of the tracks on the EPs than their full length album which came off as a bit too slick and polished for my liking. It is a good album but the songs were just too overly produced however I will recommend checking it out since that the actual CD of the album is still available via Amazon. Or you can buy the EPs via POPoNAUT.

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