Friday, July 18, 2014

My ten current favorite things

I thought it would be fun to share with my readers at the end of a long work week what my current favorite music (i.e songs, albums, artists).

My 10 current favorite artists
01. God Destruction
02. Man Woman Machine
03. Machinista
04. Empyrean Asunder
05. Weird Al Yankovic
06. Xandria
08. Lizzo
09. Chelsea Wolfe
10. Arch Enemy

My 10 current favorite albums
01. Novus Ordo Seclorum by God Destruction
02. Hate by Empyrean Asunder
03. The Hours by Day Twelve
04. Arizona Lights by Machinista
05. Mandatory Fun by Weird Al
06. Lizzobangers by Lizzo
07. War Eternal by Arch Enemy
09. Heartbreak Empire by And Finally
10. Sacrificium by Xandria

My 10 current favorite songs
01. Goooo by GRRRL PRTY
02. Be Still by Lizzo
03. Word Crimes by Weird Al
04. Shadow On the Wall by Arch Enemy
05. Salvation by Machinista
06. Surfacing by The Luna Sequnce
07. Ocean by Tiny Deaths
08. It's Holy by Veruca Salt
09. The Killing Floor by Empyrean Asunder
10. The Monster I am by Sirus

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