Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cut & Coil by Cylab

Track list for Cut and Coil

I am a big fan of Cylab. I have been a fan since I first heard Severina Sol on the first Diva Destruction album. I first heard of Cylab when I read a review for Unparallel Universe in a issue of Outburn magazine (before that magazine went to hell in handbasket by focusing on crappy metal and pseudo-punk bands). Cylab's sound can be described as a mix of trip hop and industrial music. Unlike the band Collide who combines trip hop and industrial, Cylab is a band that constantly creates innovative beats that does not sound repetitious and monotonous.

One of my favorite songs on the new Cylab album is "Skin".

The sound isn't that great to be honest but it does give the listener a glimpse into their music. Here is a better idea of the band's sound. This is the song "Dented Halos" from the band's second album Satellites.

Like I said, I like that Cylab is always creating interesting and often innovative beats when it comes to the fusion of industrial and trip hop music.

Back to the new album Cut & Coil, this is a terrific album. The band does not fail to disappoint me. The beats are complex yet accessible. The reworking of "Dragonfly Dream (Totakeke remix)" is a rare entity in which the remix is just as good as the original track. I don't say that about a lot of remixes since they are a hit or miss with me. The band could have easily put out an album full of "Skin" clones but they didn't. Instead, the album is chock full of dark pop intertwined with lush melodies, dark, pulsating and often skittering electronic beats, and sensuous lyrics.

I definitely recommend Cut & Coil or anything by Cylab for that matter. In a scene full of bands trying to be the next VNV Nation or Unter Null, Cylab is an exhilarating breathe of fresh air.

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