Thursday, September 2, 2010

CDs that I want (updated list)

This morning I got the email saying that my copy of Psyborg Corp's The Renaissance Machine was shipped out last night . I'm hoping that I won't have to relieve the hell that I am going through with the Decoded Feedback album that I ordered nearly three weeks ago from a vendor in California via Guess what? Damn fucker hasn't shown up. I tried to get my money back but the douchebags at importcds (the vendor) said to wait until after labor day. For crying out loud! It does not take three goddamn weeks for a lousy cd to get to Minnesota from California. I know. I sell cds via ebay and have sent a bunch to California. It is so frustrating. I haven't been this angry since I never got my copy of the Blackthorn cd earlier this year (I ended up downloading it via iTunes).

Anyhoo...I got to thinking today that there are a lot of cds that I am dying to have. I know I have blogged about this awhile back but here is the full list of cds that is on my wish list (mentally and/or on too ). I should note that some of these albums have yet to be released.

Android Lust - The Human Animal

Angels on Acid - Blood, Sweat, and Tears

The Birthday Massacre - Pins & Needles

Cinderella Effect - Cinderllicious

Combichrist - Making Monsters

Funker Vogt - Blutzoll

Heimataerde -Unwesen

Kirlian Camera - Odyssey Europa - Retro

MissFD (formerly FrightDoll) - Monsters in the Industry

Liv Kristine - Skintight

SAM - Brainwasher

Sara Noxx - Intoxxication

Solitary Experiments - In the Eye of the Beholder

Suicidal Romance - Shattered Heart Reflections

Tarja - What Lies Beneath

It is too bad that money does not grow on trees . I'll probably treat myself to the new TBM cd a week after my birthday as a belated birthday gift.

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