Monday, May 16, 2016

Office Playlist of the Week

I have a short work week this week, try three days. I won't go back to work until Wednesday but since I am a bit off on my blog since I didn't post anything on Saturday (too tired after the Lynx game). Today I finally got my new Samsung Tablet and I just installed Spotify on it. I will still bring in some of my CDs but I am going to stream a lot of it now. This week I am going to just listen to music on my Tablet. Here is what I am going to listen to:

The Cure Bloodflowers

Assemblage 23: Storm

Candace: New Future

Chamaeleon: Evil As Good

Chandeen: Winter Reverbs

Cyndi Lauper: Detour

The Bangles: Different Light (expanded edition)

Decoded Feedback: Dark Passenger

Gold Zebra: Gold Zebra

Josh Vietti: Modern Symphony

Keep Shelly In Athens: In Love With Dusk

Keep Shelly in Athens: Now I'm Ready

Kitten: Heaven or Somewhere in Between

Detroit Diesel: Coup D'etat

Mary Chapin Carpenter: Come On Come On

Lovelorn Dolls: An Intense Feeling of Affection

Martina McBride: Greatest Hits

Psy'Aviah: Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

Sinsin: Fairytronics

Solar Fake: Another Manic Episode

Solitary Experiments: In The Eye of the Beholder

SPC ECO: The Art of Pop

Third Realm: Psychosis

Velvet Acid Christ: Greatest Hits

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