Thursday, May 12, 2016

Random Observations

Love this tribute to the late David Bowie by Rick Wakeman. Just found this clip on youtube tonight.

Guilty pleasure at the moment:

I also love her album Born This Way too. I recently got this album from the library. I kinda miss listening to it when I owned a copy. Not a perfect album but I'll take Lady G over today's crop op pop artists.

Favorite Air album

Favorite Amy Winehouse song

So Azaelia Banks had her Twitter account suspended after making various hateful tweets towards former One Direction member Zayn Malik. If anyone who could make Iggy Azalea appealing, it is Azealia Banks. She is the female version of George Zimmerman except she didn't murder anyone.

I'm glad I bought the Evanescence cd at the garage sale last weekend. I have been playing it quite a bit since last weekend.

Another guilty pleasure song of mine right now is Bette Midler's "Gift of Love".

Every time I see Justin Bieber's name in the headlines, all I can think to myself is "David Bowie and Prince are dead, and this little wanker is still alive". Why he is popular is beyond me. He treats his fans like crap and his fans aren't anything to write home about. They all need to get lives of their own and grow the hell up.

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