Thursday, May 19, 2016

Random Observations

Today until 11:59 pm you can buy pre-sale tickets for the upcoming Loreena McKennitt show at the State Theatre in October.. I just bought my ticket for the show. It was not cheap but it is near the stage so that makes me happy. You can buy the pre-sales tickets (promo code: HARP) until 11:59 tonight otherwise the tickets goes officially on sale tomorrow. She is awesome live. It has been 9 years since I saw her at the State Theatre for the first time.

I was listening to Martina McBride's song "Independence Day". I can't believe this song got banned by many country radio stations. I guess some people really don't understand the issue of domestic violence and just how difficult it is for women (and men) to escape those situations. If the folks at the station honestly gave the song a listen to, it did not advocate violence. Sometimes the end justify the means. I admit it without any shame but I love this song. It is such a powerful song and Martina has a fantastic voice. I like some of her music when it is more pop-friendly and less country sounding.

I am really digging my new Samsung Tablet. I have been really loading up on music on my Spotify account. I have a lot of music ranging from classical to hip hop. I even have some country music on it. I think this weekend I will create some playlists so I can sift through out the filler tracks on the albums I am listening to. Believe it or not, I even have ABBA as one of my albums.

So looking forward to seeing Florence and The Machine and Grimes next month. Just two weeks to go for the show.

Rasputina is coming back to the Twin Cities in October to play at The Turf Club.

Just a reminder this Sunday night Chelsea Wolfe is playing at The Triple Rock. I would go but it is a work night and that I just shelled out good money for the Loreena McKennitt show.

Apparently tickets are still available for The Cure next month. And don't forget about Echo and The Bunnymen at First Avenue in September.

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