Saturday, November 6, 2010

Genitorturers @ Station 4

I'm so not happy that my footage for "Cum Junkie" (their opening number) did not end up being recorded on my shitty memory card in my digital camera but at least I got "Devil in a Bottle", my favorite Genitorturers song. The band fucking rocked as did Mercy Kill and Urn. As for the other bands Mary Magdalen and some local thrash metal band that was a last second addition, well as the old adage goes "if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything". That is all I have to say. I bought a copy of Sin City while at the show, I love it. It's funny when I first heard the Genitorturers back in the day when I lived in Milwaukee, WI, I did not like what I heard but now I just love their music. The show was so awesome. The band really knows how to put on a live performance. The visual aspects was both entertaining and amazing. I definitely would say that the Genitorturers is one of the best bands to go see live. Their cds don't do them justice.

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