Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some music recommendations

20 Jahre by Nena

Ever since I came across the 2003 video for the song "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime", I have been listening to this collection of re-vised songs from German pop artist Nena. I am so hopelessly addicted. I definitely like her updated versions of her past hits especially her duet with Kim Wilde on "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime".

Definitive Collection: Nena by Nena

I bought this cd last weekend at Cheapo records because I wanted to hear the original versions of the songs I had heard off 20 Jahre. I love this collection too. It's pretty damn cheap too. I think people need to hear Nena's music. A novelty artist she was not. Too bad the US didn't give a damn about her other songs after "99 Luftballoons".

Beauty 2: Music That Touches the Soul

I have been really enjoying this collection of downtempo electronica, folk, and pop music. The music is a nice break from all the heavy stuff I listen to on a regular basis. I really dig the tracks by Joanna Stevens, Blue Stone, Chandeen, and Zoe Johnston.

Drop the Mask by XP8

I found a copy of the latest XP8 (and Shiv-r) albums in the used cd bins last weekend (and of course I had to buy both of them) at Cheapo. Nice, aggressive industrial music. If Combichrist originated in Italy, this is how they would sound.

Hold My Hand by Shiv-R

If you like Combichrist, you will definitely dig Shiv-R. The music is very reminiscent of Combichrist especially on the song "Happiness". I felt like I was listening to "Sent to Destroy" by Combichrist.

Nothing is Infiniteby Angelzoom

I have to admit Nothing is Infinite took a long time to grow on me. The melodies didn't really stood out with me like the previous Angelzoom album did. Nevertheless it is a pleasant pop album.

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