Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unter Null with Albuterol and Cynergy 67 at Ground Zero nightclub 08/07/10

So after months of waiting with baited breathe, I finally got to see my favorite industrial band Unter Null live last night. As a hardcore fan, I shelled out $60 for the VIP package. It was so damn well worth every penny. I will let this slide show speak for itself. I also have photos up in my photo album.

The show began with Saint Cloud band Albuterol who had not performed live for five years until last night. Although their sound was a bit rough and a bit flawed in terms of how it came across through the sound system at Ground Zero, their music did rock. Apparently it gets hot on stage therefore the band ditched their costumes for their regular clothes.

Up next was the Wisconsin band Cynergy 67. Their bassist was missing because he had just gotten out of detox and well, frankly was having a pity party of his own back home according to the band's singer. Their set was excellent. I definitely plan on going back to GZ to see them in September before the Anything Box show. Gabriel and the Apocalypse will be performing that night as well along with a few other bands.

Now for the good stuff...Unter Null. Unter Null had gotten a late start from Milwaukee, WI so they were late to the venue. There were two other people who were part of the VIP package in Minneapolis Erik and Renee. After the band got their stuff together on stage, we got to meet the band. I was just besides myself that I got to meet my one of my favorite bands. After Cynergy 67 got done with their set, Erik, Renee and I got to go backstage with Unter Null. Way too fucking cool. The band was very gracious and offered us a drink from their cooler (which I did and had a beer).

Unter Null's set was about an hour long but I can't really complain. Their set did not disappoint me one bit. I would not have guessed that Erica and Chris were sick. I shot some video footage (will eventually upload the other clips in the coming days).

Here is my favorite photo of Erica Dunham. It is too damn funny.

That was such an honor to get her to flip the bird for me. And of course the two Erica's.

This was backstage at Ground Zero. The band let us watch them dissemble their equipment. At the show I bought a t shirt and a bracelet made out of recycled tires. I had a blast last night. Never I have met such great people. Chris Norris was the nicest guy one could ever meet especially in the music business. He was so awesome by offering the VIP people drinks and asking if we needed anything. All in all I am one happy camper.

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