Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Torture Garden

1- Post Abortion Stress - Outside The Void
2- e.g.: - Black Grass
3- Twisted Subterranean Death Trap - Settle Down
4- Phantoms Of The SS - Everything That Rises Must Converge (Triazolam Mix)
5- Mutcer - Buhloon
6- Schultz - Today
7- iN sCissorS - Broken Fingers (Interlude)
8- Life's Decay - Swanics
9- Maldito Mutante - 1984
10- Protea - Mau Bast
11- Sadore - Circle
12- The Strange Walls - Black Mold
13- The Psychogeographical Commission - Have You Ever?
14- Justin Tharpe - Implication
15- Barbarossa Umtrunk - Wolfen
16- 15 Degrees Below Zero - Ticking Down The Moments
17- DBPIT - Homesick
18- Eigenstate - Blood And Semen
19- Scapegoat - Attainment Of The death Posture
20- Z.O.T.E. - Parasitar
21- Trama afonA - [de]Solo
22- 1 Phantom - We Are the Sound Of Falling Angels (extract)

Torture Garden is the latest compilation from indie record label Shinto Records. The cd is a macabre collection of goth, experimental, neo-folk, ambient, and industrial music with a distinct sinister sound that would make the album the perfect Halloween soundtrack. The music is definitely not for the faint of heart nor is it something to rock out to while driving. The songs are often unsettling with their fragmented and uneven electronic beats and disjointed melodies interspersed with the occasional howl or whisper. Torture Garden is definitely not Sin-Tech or Sin Faktory part II. While I am not terribly wild about ambient music, I must admit I really enjoyed the songs on Torture Garden. The transition from one song to the next was smooth and even. It also exposed me to new artists like Life's Decay, The Psychogeographical Commission, and so on. This is a nice break from all the traditional industrial music that I listen to on a regular basis. I definitely recommend Torture Garden as well as the other compilations on Shinto Records for any music fan looking for something different and out of the ordinary.

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