Saturday, July 25, 2015

Album of the Week: The Looking Glass Society by Ashbury Heights

I know I have been awfully quiet about new music lately. Truthfully there are a couple of reasons for my silence. First, I am saving my money up for a new tattoo and my trip to Chicago over Labor Day weekend. The second reason being that the quality of music that is being released this year is anything but impressive. There have been some gems here and there but nothing like the past two-three years. June was a complete drought for me but that drought is over. At least for now.

One of my personal favorite bands from the past few years Ashbury Heights recently released a new album (finally!) called The Looking Glass Society. The new album features new singer Tea F. Thime whose vocals complimented Anders Hagstrom's vocals nicely. After waiting 6 years for new music from Ashbury Heights, the long wait proved to be worth every second/minute/hour/days/weeks/months/years. Anders has a definite talent for creating some of the catchiest melodies known to mankind. Every song on this album contains solid pop hooks. There is not one song on the album I did not like. I love the previous Ashbury Heights albums but they were far from perfect, The Looking Glass Society on the other hand is an absolute masterpiece. If you haven't heard of Ashbury Heights before, I strongly recommend checking the Swedish band out and do check out their new album.

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