Saturday, February 6, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

I have to admit I am really digging some hip hop music. Two of my favorite albums right now are by local artists Dessa and P.O.S. I am really enjoying the most recent P.O.S album. The production is incredibly good and totally different from what I have been exposed to over the years. Right now I am just finding the goth/industrial scene very stagnant which is why I have been checking out hip hop music left to right and to be honest liking a lot of what I am hearing. Last year wasn't that great in that scene to me, perhaps my age is starting to effect my tastes in music as I get older. Maybe. That said, I finally got around to downloading the first Future Perfect album. I don't know why I hadn't done it but I am glad I did. I absolutely love the album. I do plan on buying their latest effort After the Fall.

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