Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Albums I am currently listening to

Dual Density: Soul Ecstasy

After hearing Duel Density's "Fake" on Conzoom Records' Discover compilation, I have been hooked on the Swedish electro-pop group. I recently ordered their debut album Soul Ecstasy album. I have been listening to the album on regular basis. It is very addictive.

Erasure: The Innocents
Last weekend I stopped at Cheapo Records. I found a used copy of The Innocents in the used cd bins. I had been yearning to hear this album for some time now. Granted the production isn't all that great, I still enjoy hearing the songs from start to finish. Next to Nightbird, The Innocents is my favorite Erasure album.

Delerium: Chimera
This is the other cd I bought at Cheapo last weekend. I rather missed hearing this album even though I am not a fan of the last few tracks on the album. It is not as good as Poem (my personal favorite Delerium album), but I think the album has some gems on it.

Trampled By Turtles: Stars and Satellites
Last week I got the latest album by TBT from the library. Much to my surprise, I actually liked what I heard. The next day, I stopped at Target on the way to work and used my $10 gift card from work towards the new TBT album. It's nice to listen to at night to chill out before going to bed.

Ego Likeness: Dragonfly [re-release]

I finally got my Ego Likeness package from the band yesterday. I had contributed $25 to their kickstarter campaign to help them re-release their album Dragonfly. It was so well worth the money. I absolutely love the album. I really loved their version of The Cars' "Drive".

Delain: We Are the Others

I recently got the new Delain album from the library. I really liked what I have heard. I definitely need to get my own copy.

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