Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Album Of The Week: Faithless 2.0 by Faithless

For this week's Album of The Week pic, I chose the new compilation Faithless 2.0 by Faithless. I have been a fan of their music since the mid-late '90s. Before I got into goth/industrial music, I was listening to a lot of house and techno music which included Daft Punk, The Crystal Method, Leftfield, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Faithless. Faithless was a huge influence on me. Their first two albums Reverance and Sunday 8pm are absolute faves in the electronica genre for me and that has held up really well over the years. I loved their mix of trip hop, house, and trance music. The group always made music that could make me want to dance to and still does to this very day.

Faithless 2.0 is a celebration of the band's twenty years of making music with two discs containing remixes and the original hits. EDM today really doesn't interest me but I have to admit the remixes on disc 1 are really good.The remixes of  "We Come 1 2.0" by Armin Van Buuren and "Salva Mea 2.0" by Above and Beyond are my absolute faves. So glad there isn't a remix of "Mass Destruction" (my least favorite Faithless song ever). The second disc is the original tracks of the group's hits a few songs I only heard for the first time.

I like some modern EDM but no one has yet or  has the ability to make such memorable and uncompromising, original music that Faithless did for twenty years.

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