Monday, October 24, 2011

Copy cat contest

This is straight off Javelynn's FB page.




We're having a little contest during the next 5 days
where one person can win the following items:

* A signed copy of "Chimaera at Heart"
... * A printed and signed band photo
* Copies of hand written lyrics and notes from our
studio sessions.

How do you compete?
Use your imagination and copy our album cover!
You can paint one, pose with friends, use inanimate
objects or animate it. Basically do whatever the hell
you want!

The ONLY rule is:
* You can not edit or manipulate the original photo
and post it as your submission. You can only use it
as reference material.

How do you submit?
Upload your submission to our Facebook wall
and give it the following title: "Supahmegahmassive Doomcake!"

When's the deadline?
On Thursday at midnight CET. (2011-10-27)
We will pick and announce the winner on Friday (2011-10-28)
Shipping? Worldwide!
The contest is open for submission from... well.. Now!
GO!See more

Too bad that I don't have the time to come up with something spiffy. Too tired after work to try to be  creative. Thought I would share this contest with anyone who would be interested.

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