Monday, October 10, 2011

October/November releases

Well it has been awhile since I posted an updated list of upcoming releases in the coming weeks.

System Syn - All Seasons Pass (10/11)
Shiv-R -This World Erase (10/11)
Absolute Body Control - Wind [Re]Wind (10/11)
Binary Park - The Deviated (10/11)
Electric Six - Heartbeats and Brainwaves (10/11)
Angelspit - Hello My Name Is (10/11)
VNV Nation - Automatic (10/11) [Actual CD]
Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (10/18)
De/Vision - Popgefahr the mix (10/18)
Straftanz - Mainstream Sellout Overground (10/25)
DarkDriveClinic - Noises in My Head (10/25)
Skinny Puppy - HanDover (10/25)
Javelynn - Chimaera at the Heart (10/28)
Kirlian Camera - Nightglory (10/28)

Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed (11/08)
Absolute Body Control - Shattered Illusion (11/08)
Pop Will Eat Itself - New Noise Designed (11/08)
iVardensphere - APOK (11/08)
Encephalon - The Transhuman Condition (11/08)
Voltaire - Riding a Black Unicorn (11/14)
Lahannya - Dystopia (11/21)
Acretongue - Strange Cargo (11/21)
The Break Up - Synthesis (11/22)
Skold - Tonight (11/22)
Caustic - White Knuckle Head Fuck (11/22)
Re:\Legion - 11.11.11 (11/29)
Thirteenth Exile - Into Nothing (11/30)

*The new Kirlian Camera, Javelynn, Voltaire albums will be available via Storming the Base in November. To hell with that for this fan. I'm going to pre-order the new KC soon, already pre-ordered the new Javelynn album ;).

The last time I posted a blog entry on upcoming album releases a few months ago, I mentioned that Stray and Pop Inc. will be putting out records. I will admit I was off. I am not sure about the Pop Inc album. I know there is a premier showing for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" at the Trylon cinema theater (I think that is the name) later this month. The impression I am getting with the new Stray album, it appears that it might be 2012.

In this recent list (and for future lists), I am trying to include lesser known artists/bands outside of the realm of Metropolis Records/Alfa Matrix Records. A few I have found on Storming the Base' website.

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