Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ladytron w/Sonoio at the Fine Line Music Cafe 10.03.11

Well it has been awhile since I have seen a national artist/band live in person. I believe Freezepop was the last national act I had seen live in concert (back in August). Last night was my first time seeing Ladytron in person. I was going to go back in 2009 (at First Avenue) but then I came down with a debilitating headache which rendered me to spend a few hours on my back and with a cold,wet washcloth over my forehead. Good times. This time around, nothing was going to stop me from seeing the band live (even my least favorite day of the week...Monday). I did take some photos but the ones with Sonoio was crap. I hate that no flash rule at the Fine Line but here are what I took of the show.

Ladytron w/Sonoio

Here are some much better photos of the show that was uploaded on to City Pages. There is even a photo of the set list too.

I found some footage from the show as well on youtube.

I pretty much enjoyed the show. DJ Jake Rudh started the evening with music often heard on his weekly gig at Transmission and on The Current. He has some excellent taste in music that's for sure. Love how he can just blend music from the past and present without much effort. Sonoio started off around eight o'clock. Unfortunately not everyone could see his set because his gear was on the floor of the stage. You had to be in the front row to see what Alessandro Cortini was doing. All I could see was a couple of lightbulbs, some tubing and his laptop. As for his music, it is really hard to peg his music other than electronica. I can certainly hear some ambient, house, and a smidgeon of industrial music. I liked what I had heard. Not my cup of tea but his music was interesting enough for me to enjoy at the time.

It was around 9 o'clock when Ladytron hit the stage. They began their set with "Soft Power" (from Witching Hour). I should note I haven't been into Ladytron for so long. Started listening to them 2 years ago with Velocifero.  Like I said at the beginning of the blog, I wasn't able to make it to the last Ladytron show so I don't have anything to compare this show with the previous show. Most of the songs I was able to recognize. I was excited that the band played their cover of Death In June's "Little Black Angel".  I loved the live version. The energy through out the night was electrifying to say the very least. The audience was very enthusiastic. I was so glad the band ended their show with my personal favorite Ladytron song "Destroy Everything You Touch". My only beef with the show? It was one of the shortest sets I have witnessed but asides from that I had an excellent time. Definitely plan on seeing them live in years to come.

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